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G3: The G3 Anniversary Mod v3 Released


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The Gibberlings Three


G3 is pleased to announce the release of The Gibberlings Three Anniversary Mod v3. The new version features expanded content and miscellaneous bugfixes.

  • Fixed bug with Mrs. The Unmanned not leaving an area
  • Fixed bug with Kalen Grimm-Allanya Danc subquest if Grimm approached Danc for reconciliation
  • Added more loot to end of quest
  • Added dialogue to Rose Bouquet and Bel Dalemark to help players in finding local rogues
  • Drini actually takes the drinks from the party now
  • Number Six spawns hostile, as he should
  • More balance tweaks to final encounter
  • Fixed bug with the exit from the final area--you can head back to the slums directly
  • Expanded dialogue options for Robukin Rockskull
  • Recoded conclusion of the quest for a more satisfactory ending

Relevant links:

Download v3

Complete readme

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