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Remove Spell Effect not Working With Dltcep


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Guys I have a question about baldur's gate 2 spell modification.


Im trying to get rid of custom made innate abilities by using "remove spell (#172)" effect of DLTCEP. However Its not working.


For example; I made an Innate ability named "Zerg" and give it a code like "SPPR903A". I want it to cast Flame Strike instantly in fire elemental form of Druids. I modify spell "elemental transformation" by adding this ability "Zerg" on their effect list as "give innate ability (#171)". it works and when I use elemental transformation spell, I can use Zerg as an Innate ability. But I want it to be removed from innate ability list when Im back to human form. So I add "remove spell" effect to the Natural form spell by adding its resource code "SPPR903A" but its not working. Zerg stays there when i change back to human form.


I tested this with "whirlwind" ability instead of zerg it works perfectly. whirlwind is removed when i change back to normal form. In fact original spells can be removed with with this but when i modify them and give a new resource code, "remove spell" affect is not working.


Is there any fix for that? I have BG2 EE btw.



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Strange, this effect is used a lot for similar things. Make sure your resref is written correctly.

Make sure your spell type and level are set correctly.


Maybe try to use 7 characters only (shouldn't matter). Also make it all uppercase (shouldn't matter).

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