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Installing a mod component (Bards that influence reputation) much later in the process


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So I reported that I had some reputation-induced problems stated in another thread on this forum. Essentially neutral characters as well as evil characters left when kicking them out with high reputation, because I had only installed the "does not leave" component of the tweak-pack. but they could still get angry.


Since the problem is based on reputation but the npcs apparently only notice reputations that are affected in-game and not edited in Shadowkeeper I wonder if I could install the bard-component of the npc project that can help me influence my reputation. I hardly see any other easy ways to lower reputation and I do NOT want to go around wantonly murdering npcs.


My gripe is that I have quite a few mods, and the mod order install list found here on G3 is pretty strict in saying widescreen mod should be last. The mods I have are:


Easytutu (Obviously)

Easytutu degreenifier

Minor quests and encounters

sirines call

Unfinished Business

Lost Items mod (Seemed unnecessary when seeing that component in tweakspack)

NPC project (As well as music)

Xan Banter

Coran Banter


Sword Coast STratagems

Widescreen Mod


So will installing the bard component muck anything up?

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So will installing the bard component muck anything up?

The real reason why the Widescreen mod is last is because it needs to influence all the quest mods new areas and possible GUI mods, and in case you feel it unsatisfactory to play a 1920x1080 game in a 23" screen that's too far away to see half of a giant let alone the items, you have the chance to reinstall it with a different resolution setting.

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