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Is it possible to center elements in PST?


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I got my hands on the GOG version of Planescape and applied the widescreen patch at 1600 x 900. But my movies and menus are appearing at the top left corner of my screen. Is there any way to have them centered, or will I just have to live with this?

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Have you tried the PST UI mod for the Widescreen mod...


I was just about to post that I had found it, thanks. It even comes with larger fonts so I'll be able to play in the game in full 2550 x 1440 glory. Cool! I've heard so much about this game over the years so I've really been hoping on giving it a try, but until I came across GOG I was never able to find it.


Oops. That's 2560 x 1440. My monitor is so new I'm not even sure of the resolution yet. No wonder the game crashed when I tried to launch it.


Nope. 2560 x 1440 is a bit much. GhostDog's menus aren't coming out centered and the interface icons are so so small I can barely see them. I'll give 1920 x 1080 a try.


Still not right for me. 1600 x 900 seems to be the best compromise. That's a pretty good resolution for Icewind Dale 2 as well. At least this new monitor allows me to select various widescreen settings, my old one didn't.

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