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Help! Cannot progress due to bug at 2nd lvl of Kresselack Tomb - IWD - Android

Juan Carpo

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Hi guys,


its really great that we can play infinity engine games on our Android tablet. However I have encountered a major bug.


When I have entered the 2nd lvl of Kresselack Tomb of Icewind Dale, the whole area is dark. Furthermore trying to move in that area is impossible. See screenshot to know what I mean. I wonder if it is a bug of IWD itself or a bug of GemRB.


I wanted to use the savefiles on the PC, but the game just freezes and goes black during loading.

I am using GemRB 7.0.1 from the Marketplace. Tried the various newer versions, but the screen goes black after installation.. Therefore it doesnt install the files (GemRB.cfg etc).

Also my tablet is transformer 300.


What other information do you need? Not sure how to upload the savegame, so you guys can check.


PS. Screenshot. I open the door. See the pillar? Area is dark and black. See the mousepointer? it says no go area.


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