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TBGCoM: The Undying Mod Updates

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The next version of The Undying mod for Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition is going along nicely. The mod is roughly 3/4 done. I have taken those files that are done and installed them into my BG2EE game. They were originally on my regular BG2 game. I will need a voice actress for one of my new NPCs, Shi'nayne Auvryndar. She is a neutral good drow elf who was raised by dwarves and will join your party after you complete the quest to help the dwarven city. I may need a voice actress for Callisto also. Once I have the mod done, I will need some beta testers as well.


For more information on the mod and the latest updates, visit the mod's message board: http://www.baldursga....php?board=36.0

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