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Where do I find the key to open the secret passage of the thief compound inside the docks?


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I've got a weird issue with the final quest that is given by Maleficus, the one where you are asked to kill Aran linvail. It seems that a guide should spawn outside with the key to aran's lair, but I can't seem to find her (him?).
Also, another interesting thing, is that I've gone inside gaelan bayle's home and killed him to get the key, and in fact, that key opened the lair, where I've killed Aran. but maleficus seems to not acknowledge what happened, asking me if I went inside the lair.

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I don't have the key > and he points me to outside telling me that there is a guide that will give me one. Any help?

Edit 2:
I didn't execute the third part of the deal (so kill aran) and I just took the ship by selling all the equipment (wanted to check what would have happened later). So basically, the problem is that I arrive at Brnlaw, but within my ship there is also Sime, that asks me to not trust Saemon after saemon said he betrayed us. Kind of a "weird" dialogue, don't you think? And why is Sime there, by the way?

Edit 3: by the way, did you add a better evil route for the druid quest? XD

Edit 4: going the paladin way seem to be impossible. As soon as I get inside gaelan bayle's home, he asks me if I betrayed the shadow thieves, I answer <<yes>> then he proceeds to say a last piece of dialogue and attacks me.

But the last piece of dialogue is an uninterrupting loop. And basically, I can't kill gaelan bayle because he is 1) unkillable 2) keeps looping the last piece of dialogue.

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