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  1. Is there a day this is going to become an open beta? I frankly wish to try item revision on bg:ee
  2. However, the point is not whether the changes themselves are good. It is that many people still want to experience a faithful representation of the vanilla game. Sure, there are problems with the game, as any. But that is part of the original experience, which many still like to retain. Sorry, but if you think like that, why would you wish to use spell revisions ? The concept itself of "vanilla" is so huge and can be so subjective, that trying to apply an etiquette like "faithful representation of the vanilla game" seems, at least in my point of view, pointless. Don't you like the approach on the new Spell revision mod? Just use the previous version. Or don't use it.
  3. hey, any chance you could make a tactical component for the master brain inside the mind flayer lair? I could be using revised battles, that actually touches it and makes it a bit better, but asking you could be a good thing as well. Up to you Another thing. There is a weird bug if you reload a save where you got a troll killed in the same "level". The troll gets up, then he goes down. The animation seems stuck doing that.
  4. IF I wanted to download kit revision, this version is the version I should be using ?
  5. I've got a problem with Miranda. as soon as she part ways with Gavin, nothing else happens. Gavin reacts to the girl, if I talk with her, but it seems that the quest just doesn't end. Add to that that Gavin asking me to have to end his deed seems a totally random thing. I mean, I waited like someone who has to waste time for 20 minutes inside the temple discrict, hoping that Gavin would say something. Nothing. Then I went in the docks, inside Oghma's temple, looking forward to see gavin tell something to the priest, he didn't tell anything, but right after trying to talk with the priest he told me he had to take his child to the oghma's temple (he doesn't acknowledge we were already inside). So I said myself, maybe I messed up something. It didn't matter. I replayed once again the scene, to no avail. As soon as Miranda goes away, Gavin does nothing. Add to that, that after having waited 30 minutes in the temple district, I'm doomed to see Gavin's failure to take the child to the temple. -.-
  6. In fact, if you deleted the spell, I wouldn't be sad for it.
  7. ---> Btw, do Protection from Petrification green scroll exist within BG1? <--- Yes. You have to go to the carnival area. The merchant that is selling them is inside tent number 6. http://www.gamebanshee.com/baldursgate/walkthrough/carnival.php
  8. First, it seems strange, at least according to me, that spell revision should change the gaze attack of basilisks. Second, the less spells, the better. The spellbook is already cluttered <.<
  9. Isn't this more a "being-annoyed" issue, more than a balance one? Having to launch three times the same spell because it goes off is not much about "balance", more about, "damn, I have to constantly check, etc"
  10. Kk, no more offtopic. I apologize. Thanks for the info [La traduzione letterale era: "ammetto che trovo la rabbia del berserker superiore, poichè in baldur's gate puoi raggiungere (da solo, senza far ricorso a abilità) alti livelli di forza e costituzione. Grazie per avermi fatto scoprire che due non significa "poichè"; "poichè" in inglese si dice since ]
  11. kk, thank you. I admit that I still find the berserker rage superior, due to the fact that you can reach high strength\const points in Bg. I wonder one thing about the cleave "effect". Is it cumulative? Do you get bonus even after the third kill or..??
  12. Thanks. So basically, you sacrifice thaco+ damage if you use the grandmaster tweak, for a superior % physical resistance.
  13. Got a question to ask about this component: Revised Armors If you make it possible, wouldn't this component destroy the barbarian balance? I mean, why would I take barbarian, if a berserker via armor could reach higher % physical resistance?
  14. isn't all this differentiation between weapons going to complicate everything?
  15. Good luck to all testers involved and thanks for Demiurgus for this great new!
  16. Thanks a lot Demiurgus. You did a great job as always
  17. I'm not able to understand well how much different this monk would be from a "vanilla" monk. xD
  18. Acrux buying BG:EE is still not worth it. I would wait for patch 1.3 to come out.
  19. You are welcome. By the way, is there a walkthrough around ?
  20. I'm looking forward for Ajantis Tob part.
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