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  1. it's not the mod who triggers it, but your bg. That's different. Or fixpack, with such a bug, would have never reached version 11
  2. Given the fact that bg2 fixpack doesn't give this bug to any of the ten thousand people still playing original bg2, and that you are having a bug plaguing your game, I can assure you that if you don't find what is really causing it, you are going to have to spend more time trying to fix your game then playing it, given the fact that what you are experiencing is just an odd thing that could perpetuate indirectly via strange bugs through all your game My suggestion is to fix the problem or to play without the fixpack. Your take.
  3. Scourge, you should go back to your no-reload run ahah Edit: These days I'm planning to use TUTU. Does it work with SCS? [little hijack] And what about the mods by Demiurgus? [Feature request] Would you kindly add a 'tactical' challenge mod with the good old Sarevok having the stats he had in the original BG? Like 288 HP, etc.
  4. [basilisks area question] I witnessed basilisks using melee attacks only once in 25 games. Given the fact that the petrification attacks do not work if you are protected via the green scroll, shouldn't they use a bit more melee? [bears summoned by the druids] the bears summoned by Aldeth in Cloakwood section do not net any xp.
  5. ok. thank you. I should ask why that wasn't tweaked on the bg forums.
  6. Yes, I've installed the fix. I've never and I mean never witnessed the bear not attacking the chief. What file should I changelog, if there is a changelog? By the way, thank you Astrobryguy. I'm using bg:ee 1.3
  7. I asked because the head isn't acknowledged in my game by the guy in the temple near Beregost, nor I'm able to sell it. So... I said, is it totally useless? IF you need to add it for consistency purpose (After all, a vivern has to drop that head!) , let the guard have it
  8. I've got a question. Every time I enter the xvart's village and the chief of the village summons the bear, the bear attacks the chief himself. Is that intended behaviour?
  9. ok I've got another suggestion involving the mini-vivern. Why don't you add the choice to show the head to the guard, and to let the guard take the head?
  10. Actually, my issue is sort of different. The rep increase is not displayed, neither changed. But other times, I get both the reputation change+ the information that my reputation is increased. Yes, I'm using BG:EE.
  11. Linda's quest in Candlekeep. I noticed that some times I get the reputation, while others I don't. I can't seem to find a pattern. IS there something I'm missing? The same for the neckalce quest. Sometimes giving it to the child nets you reputation, while others it doesn't.
  12. Is there a day this is going to become an open beta? I frankly wish to try item revision on bg:ee
  13. It gets installed, yes. But there are no references. Good to know.
  14. No. But it will not do anything to your game, unless you re-install SCS. Thanks. I was wondering if bws_20141015 install it automatically. I was continuosly asked to find the fix myself in the previous version, but now, in this install, it didn't ask. I don't know what to think. Good to know that at least most of those fixes are for BG2.
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