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Bishop rejoins the group?


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Hi. Sorry for disrupting again. I installed the Romance Pack, played through the game and at the end tried to Bishop rejoins the group instead of leaving or staying with Garius. However, I only could manage to make him leave, no matter what answers I chose. So I replayed the game (well, I loaded from some scenes before Bishop becomes part of the group, I didn't want to start from the very beginning and I think it wouldn't affect on the development of the romance), I still had some free time, so I could indulged myself making a second round, although faster (you know, making the quests without wasting too much time, reading some dialogues without paying the same attention, except the ones of the flirts xD), but I couldn't get the end where Bishop comes back to the group. In my third round I also used the console to go up the influence with Bishop but it was a fail too because he left in the end and not rejoins :( ... so now I'm totally hopeless. I've been playing non-stop without any achievement, I feel a bit discouraged.


Any idea? any suggestion? In the final scene with Bishop, do I have to follow some especific answers after choosing "Sometimes two people caring about one another is not a weakness"? (I have tried almost of the possibilities, so I must be lacking something else)


I have read some post about this issue, some talk about a duplicate file, but it doesn't seem to be the root of my problem, because in the pack it said that "Deleted duplicated file in Casavir folder that was causing screwy ending, 3430_cs_enter" and I also checked it and I think there was no duplicated file.


About the alignment, I'm good chaotic, isn't it enough? Then, which one should I be? *doubts everywhere* *sighs*


I hope someone could aid me in this matter, I really like Bishop, it's pretty obvious, that's why I'm so eager of getting that scene. I understand some details may not be publish, but if at least anyone could tell me in a private message ... Thank you very much. I apologize for all the fuss and questions.

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If the only file of that name is in the shared folder, and not duplicated between Cas and Bishop, then we are broke :( I won't try to meddle with the cutscene given my complete inability to code nowadays. You do not need to replay the whole game, just from where the area is loading normally. Million apologies!

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Domi, thanks for your reply. No need to apology, please. The files are ok. As you said in another thread, alignment is important. It was my fault for not being aware of that. I thought my answers during the game were the problem, but not. So, I loaded the game to play the scene where Black Garius tried to tempt my companions, and I changed my alignment using the console (I didn't like the idea very much, but it was better than replaying again xD) and it worked, Bishop rejoined.


Thank you very much for your help. I never thought the alignment could be an issue -.- I'm embarrassed for not realizing it. And sorry for worrying you about the files.


Now, I'm gonna start the MOTB, I'll try to follow the tips from other threads to get the epilogue with Bishop.

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Oh... glad it worked (do I feel dumb now, not remembering any of it)! Well, yeah, I was always a proponent of playing how you like and accepting what happens, as long as there is content, as opposite to the loss of content. :)

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