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*SOLVED* Problems installing the Widescreen Mod. Corrupt installation files. See snapshot.


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Bought Baldur`s Gate II Shadows of Amn including Throne of Bhaal years ago, but never played it. Just installed it and wanted to install the Widescreen Mod. I have already installed the latest patch (I think), called something like this:




found at the sorcerers.net, here:




I have Windows 7 Enterprise. Installed both games in full. Have already started a new game before trying the Widescreen Mod, but that probably doesn`t matters. Read this thread:




and followed his instructions. Installed (in order): the BG2 fixpack, Unfinished Business and then attempted the Widescreen Mod. But then I got this fault message:




Does anyone know what I should do? No matter where I try to install it, I get the same message.

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Probably, your virus protection agent falsely took out the weidu.exe(named as setup-widescreen.exe) that the archive harbors and so as it can't be started, you get the error. Turn it off.

Thanks, Jarno! This solved it.


Since I`m gaming on my work computer, I had to download it to my private computer, install the mod, ZIP the files and send it to my work computer.


Problem solved :)

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