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[BG2EE] Bug? Party not spawning after Ch3 intro cutscene


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It's been reported here. And with a little more details here.

bg2 tweak pack v16, BG2EE 1.3 on Windows.



I tried uninstalling "short cutscenes", but installer did not give me an option to uninstall (probably because other mods were installed after this one?), so I chose to install non-silly version (was original) - same bug, then uninstalled this component - same bug.


Is there a workaround or a fix available?

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I've experienced the same issue just recently. I've tracked it down to a spell which is supposed to temporarily remove the animations of your party members.

To restore your party members you can use Ctrl+R on their character portraits after enabling debug mode in the baldur.ini.

To solve it more permanently you can use Near Infinity or any other resource editor to remove the line "ApplySpellRES("OHNOPRTY",Player1)" from the script "MOVIE02A.BCS" before starting chapter 3.

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