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bg1re v1.3 - Temporary Download


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Until the problems with the download section are solved, get the new version 1.3 here!


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Changes are:

  • Hull's sword now has the proficiency "Long Sword" for BGII engine + B:EE
  • BG:EE: Thalantyr's dialogue no longer crashes the game
  • more German translations added
  • (v1.2) Reading with Rinnie: fixed error in cutscene call
  • (v1.2) The Mourning of Centeol: Poe now takes the diary when asked to make it into a poem
  • (v1.2) Necromancer's Trouble: No longer prevents the Chapter increment and the movie etc. upon entering Nashkel for the first time
  • (v1.2) (BGT) All that Left Was: Fixed Imoen's script variable for one of her interjections
  • (v1.2) All that Left Was: inserted "Detect("npcname")" triggers for the NPC interjections
  • (v1.2) Extention of Bjornin Encounter (Personal Wound Treatment): rearranged the reply options leading to the wound treatment a bit, also the rep check so the reply options is easier to find. Added journal entry, also tweaked dialogue a bit more, and Bjornin now reacts to the PC being half-orc.
  • (v1.2) German part version added (thank you to Gerri for the first translated components)
  • (v1.2) removing of utf-8 formatted tra-files: HANDLE_CHARSETS now handles the text formatting
  • (v1.2) typo corrections
  • (v1.2) update to WeiDU v237
  • (v1.2) cre-file of priest Blaise provided with script name and dialogue file (no change of the tp2)
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