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Remove racial restrictions for single classes – dwarven inquisitor crash


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I cant be completely sure, of course, but it seems likely that there’s a bug present in the component. I checked several race/class combinations out, they work fine except for trying to roll a dwarven inquisitor. The game crashes 100% of the time I try to do this, each time on clicking the abilities rolling screen.


Since other races/classes seam to work ok (at least I can create them), this is probably some minor oversight. :)


Weidu.log for reference: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ajaqxxhfs0xa6dj/WeiDU.log?dl=0

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There's a reason besides racial restriction why a dwarf should not get to be a paladin, and it has to do with the race not having access to the minimum of 17 Charisma, as the kit and class requires that. You could change this by editing the table... open the file(abclasrq.2da, original here) in the game and check that there's less than 17 on the inquisitors charisma requirement. You do that by opening the file with Notepad in the override folder if it's there and if not, then you need Near Infinity, or other tools to open the in game file.

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