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Torgal invincible


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I've had a problem recently with Torgal


I've used the tactics mod V40 I think (most recent) from Weimer, but I've used the stratagems as well.


The problem seems to be persistent across any Mod or lack thereof I use to try to defeat him.


He appears to be seriously and irrevocably bugged to hell.


The general problem is that his script never updates to produce the lying on the ground troll form which can then be killed.


I can take him down to "near dead" fairly easily which I then generally (although I've tried several methods to slow/stop damage as well) burst him down to make the kill.


My general tactic is:


3x lower magic resistance

1x greater malison

1x doom

2x slow (landed)

1x glitterdust (landed)


physical damage + heavy MM spam + MMM spam until death


I've taken him to "near dead" at least 20 times in the last two days, and produced 500+ damage burst damage on him while in "near dead" state several times and in no cases have I seen his script update.


In an attempt to fix the problem I have:


uninstalled tactics mod

uninstalled BG2_tweaks

uninstalled upgraded items

uninstalled BG2_fix

uninstalled ease of use


deleted the game file completely, reinstalled BG2 from disk

installed widescreen patch (ONLY)


attempted to kill - bugged still


reinstalled tactics ONLY - bugged still


reinstalled each mod and attempted to kill and each time he's bugged


Then I downloaded shadow keeper and I read online that TorGal's neck item produces the 'effect' of not dying and requires the script update, so I removed his neck item, but that also didn't work.


When I get home from work I'll check my installed mods.


Another bug which I'm not sure has been reported is that the debug_mode=1 (to enable the CLUA console) doesn't appear to function correctly with the widescreen mod. I use a 1600x900 laptop screen but I haven't been able to get the CLUA console to launch in game with the widescreen mod installed.


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I've never heard of Widescreen interfering with CLUA. I play at 1440x900 and it works fine. But I don't know if it works with EE - I don't think it was ever advertised as working with the EEs...


Btw yo ou want to use both Debug_Mode=1 and Cheats=1.


Also the recent SCS versions have had some kind of interaction with the EEs that makes Torgal invincible. Check the SCS forum for details.

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Thanks for the reply


I'm not using EE (as far as I know) I picked up a box set of BG2+ToB off amazon for $12 - a replacement of my old boxed set which I left in Canada 7 years ago when I moved to Aus.


I'll check SCS forum for a potential fix for Torgal.


I have played through 95% of chapter 2 on previous games and never had a problem. I nearly always do D'arnise keep as one of my first stops for flail of ages and I've beaten it at least 4 times in the last few months, all times with the tactics or stratagems mods installed, so this Torgal seems to be anomalous - but f*cking hard to get rid of.

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