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G3: BG1NPC Project v21 and BG1NPC Project Music Pack v6


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BG1NPC Project and BG1NPC Project Music Pack have been updated by AstroBryGuy!


Main changes are BG:EE compatibility for both, and inclusion of "short versions" (30 seconds) of all music pieces in the music pack.


BG1NPC Project

This mod expands on the depth of character and levels of interaction with the NPCs from the BG game. When BG2 was released, one of the major improvements in many peoples' eyes was the increased level of interaction one could have with the party members. This mod was developed to allow BG players a similar experience. NPCs in your party now have banters with the PC , with each other, and small side-quests of their own. As we were unable to get the original character voice actors to voice all the new lines, we instead sought out music appropriate to each NPC to be played whenever they initiate banter. This musical package is a separate, optional package (to keep the download size down).




  • BGEE compatibility
    • "Just-in-time" UTF-8 conversion of tra files for installation on BGEE. (Isaya)
    • Add BG2 item files used by BG1NPC to BGEE installs: brac25, dagg11, minhp20, misc3m, misc3n, misc3o, sahbolt, scrl8i, scrl9h, seeinvis, vamp, vamp1, vamp2, vamp3
    • Create version of x#bgreplace_X for BGEE.
    • Create version of X_area_script_assign.tph for BGEE.
    • Missing strings added to tra files for BG2 strings referenced by BG1NPC but not in BGEE dialog.tlk
    • Replaced referenced BG2 scripts unavailable in BGEE with BG1NPC versions: x#mag10b, x#mag10c, x#mag14d, x#prs10b, x#drdsht, x#drui12, x#druid8, x#druid6, x#gpsht, x#shoutp, x#davidx, x#fight2, x#mepsmo, x#shout6
    • Accounting for dialog state order differences from Tutu to BGEE: firebe.dlg, xanp.dlg, hentol.dlg, housg3.dlg
    • Added code to update SPELDESC.2DA in BGEE for Camdawg's Temple Fix
    • For CREs that use BG2 sounds that are unavailable in BGEE, sound references were updated to sounds available in BGEE (with a few exceptions). Note: Tutu and BGT will still use available BG2 sounds.
    • Added x#ogref sounds for x#chop and x#cru in Xan's Turnip Quest.
    • Fixes for x#cutspy creating errors in BGEE.
    • Banter Timing Tweak to adjust average time between dialog banters (replaces Compton's Banter Accelerator for BGEE)
    • Fixed spell name for Imoen's Artifact in BGEE. (Mike1072)
    • Replace references to BURN01.CRE (unavailable in BGEE) with new x#burn01.cre.
    • Moved location of Imanel Silversword in BGEE to not conflict with Dorn quest encounter.
    • Romance Challenges area files included with BG1NPC for BGEE.
    • Updated Dynaheir romance end-game cutscene script to not be Tutu-specific (i.e., allows for BGEE).
    • Added sounds from BG2 for "Stranger" in Dynaheir romance end-game cutscene in BGEE. (Thanks to Etamin, Isaya, and CrevsDaak for files)
    • Updated Open Cloakwood components to work in BGEE. (Isaya)
    • Updated Imoen's death variable in x#pcbury.d. (Jastey)
    • Updated Shar-Teel romance to NOT detect a Blackguard as a Paladin.
    • Added NPC-only items (x#ajshld, p#bow) to item_use.2da in BGEE.
    • Pink Xan portrait updates for BGEE
    • Alora starts in Gullykin AND the Hall of Wonders bug in BGEE
    • Colquetle Family Amulet Fix for BGEE
    • Updates to Dynaheir's Journal Quest, Jaheira's Quest, Garrick's Quest, and Montaron's interjection with Ender Sai to enable journal entries to work in BGEE.
    • Adding fixes for Safana-Dorn and Tiax-Dorn dialogs preventing PIDs from firing.
    • Fix area scripts for AR2400 and AR2900 to not continuously fire when the variable TazokSays = 1. This was preventing blocks added by BG1NPC from firing.
  • Updated to WeiDU v237
  • German translation available (Teiluebersetzung vom Kerzenburgforum, teilweise noch in englisch,http://kerzenburg.baldurs-gate.eu/)
  • Polish translation available (Tlumaczenie przez Children of Bhaal, http://athkatla.cob-bg.pl/viewtopic.php?t=5734)
  • General coding updates to modern WeiDU standards (e.g., using GAME_IS instead FILE_EXISTS for game type checks)
  • Updated cross-platform libraries with latest fixes for all platforms. (Jastey)
  • New variable %tazokminhp% to account for different anti-death items used in Tutu vs. BGT vs BGEE.
  • New variable %RunAwayFrom% for scripts to use action "RunAwayFrom()" in Tutu/BGT and new action "RunAwayFromNoLeaveArea() in BGEE.
  • Move dialog changes for Coran Wyvern quest from x#jfix_X and x#bgreplace_X to new x#corwyv_X.d files.
  • Block Shar-Teel/Tiax banter until Chapter 4, since it references the Iron Throne.
  • BG1NPC romances won't start while CHARNAME is wearing the Girdle of Masculinity/Femininity for compatibility with BG1 Romantic Encounters mod.
  • Reordered dialog actions to place EscapeArea() command last. * Reordered Dynaheir, Branwen, Coran, Xan, and Shar-Teel dream script triggers to prevent crashes when NPC is dead while resting. (Jastey)
  • Ajantis Romance/SCS Wait at Inns component incompatibility fix.
  • Added macro ~source_cre_sound_cleanup~ to CRE blocks for cleanup.
  • Update Jozzi Seasnake (#seasn) to use Nereid soundset (all platforms).
  • Update x#garwyl to use GHAST sounds like a spectre (all platforms).
  • Imoen's dialog regarding Gorion's body no longer requires CHARNAME to be holding Gorion's letter. Her script triggers the dialog by the party picking up the letter, but in the time it takes her to walk to CHARNAME, it was possible to read and drop the letter, leaving her unable to initiate the proper dialog.
  • Imoen's dialog on Laryssa will no longer interrupt Brage's script to return the party to Nashkel.
  • At the Bandit Camp, if Tazok was engaged in combat too quickly, Kivan could be left trying to initiate dialog with him. This dialog would fire after the combat, with Tazok possibily dead. Kivan no longer attempts dialog with Tazok after Tazok is dead.
  • Updates for Tiax's Quest to close open quest entries at their conclusions.
  • Moved Minsc/Dynaheir interjection with Thalantyr into a new stand-along banter with Dynaheir
  • Xan's interjection with Mulahey was copying a "ChangeEnemyAlly(Myself,NEUTRAL)" command to Xan since there is no pass back. Changed to ICT2 to prevent issue.
  • Added checks to Imanel Silversword's script to prevent dialog from re-initiating and stop dialog from initiating during battle.
  • Montaron was being sent to Minsc's "goto" location in the Elfsong Tavern rather than the Low Lantern with Xzar by BG1NPC's Wait at Inns component. Updating to send Montaron to Low Lantern.
  • In Tutu, when refusing Cythandria's surrender, Dynaheir will turn hostile. Danaher's interjection is inheriting an Enemy() action from Cythandria. Only affects Tutu, Cythandria's dialogue state 6 has an "Enemy()" action which is not present in BG:EE and BGT. Solution is to remove the Enemy action() in Tutu.
  • Kivan gives his reaction to Prism's death upon entering the Nashkel Mines area even if he wasn't in the party when Prism died. Adding a See("prism") check to script block in kivan.bcs. That should prevent the trigger from firing long after Prism is dead (and the corpse is removed).
  • Safana's response to PID option "Do you have any advice, Safana?" References Narlen Darkwalk, even in Chapter 1. Corrected triggers to not show this response until after Narlen has been encountered.
  • Correcting "Bruno" DV in x#yeint2.baf. (MadMate)
  • Updated item slots for x#david and x#dragon to place items in correct slots. (MadMate)
  • The XZNI1.6 dialog in xzint.d has an issue with the conditions. If Montanan is in the party, alive, but disabled (e.g., held, panicked, etc..), the dialog cannot continue. Updating the second transition condition to be "OR(3) !InParty("montaron") !InMyArea("montaron") StateCheck("montaron",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)" which is the opposite of the first transition, ensuring one branch can fire.
  • Updates to Coran's Succubus Quest
    • Updates to close open quest journal entries at quest conclusion. Added "close quest" journal entries.
    • If you refuse the quest initially, Coran no longer becomes instantly "charmed" before he has been given the roses. He has a more appropriate reaction to your refusal of Amelia.
    • Scripting updates to account for players force-attacking Amelia. Amelia will now turn hostile and attack the party. If Natan has not been talked to, remove him if Amelia is force-attacked (quest is aborted). If Natan has been talked to, increment X#CoranSuccubus to 13 to allow quest to complete.
    • Coran will now become "charmed" by Amelia when in her presence if Natan is "charmed" (i.e., has been shown the roses).
    • Amelia was a very difficult battle for BG1, so she has been toned-down to be more appropriate for BG1.
      • HP, THAC0, AC, Saving throws updated to be in line with PnP succubus stats.
      • Only immune to non-magical weapons
      • On BGEE (or Tutu/BGT installs with 1PP Wings), Amelia's combat appearance now has wings (defaults to previous fire elemental appearance on installations without 1PP Wings).
      • Updated combat script, inspired by Kirinhale's from TotSC
  • Many dialog typo fixes.



Learn more about the mod


Readme BG1NPC Project




BG1NPC Project Music Pack

Optional package with music themes for the BG1NPC Project Mod.


  • Updated to WeiDU v237, VERSION, README
  • Reworked install procedure to use WeiDU's built-in HANDLE_AUDIO function
  • BGEE compatibility
  • Added "short versions" of audio files as an install option
  • Updated OSX sox binaries to version compatible with Intel-CPU Macs
  • Removal of obsolete .bat style install routines
Learn more about the mod


Readme BG1NPC Project Music Pack

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