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A couple of questions regarding unfinished romance mods


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I have to ask, as I'm no longer really "in the know" if -


1. Berelinde (yes, I do know she's absent, but she had worked so hard for so long) or any of her collegues are going to finish or provide whatever there is of the Reynaud de Chatillion romance.


2. Is Aran Whitehand going to be released? Or can I somehow get a link to try out what there is of him? Yes, I'm selfish and impatient!


3. Has there ever been any more word on Valen Shadowbreath that Berelinde and others worked on so hard and so well some years back? I had playtested it and it went on past the Bodhi Abduction, so it was pretty far along. Anything going on there?


If anyone knows the answers to any of these, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks for your time in reading my post. :)

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