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  1. I'm still here, too! Hi, MissBehave! I still come back here to check on Aklon. He is one I've been waiting for forever, but he will be worth the wait. That said, I hope this will be the year. And I will still have to decide whether to Love Him or Leash Him!
  2. In my mind, for the conversation with Keldorn, I would see it going more like this (to capture Keldorn's "voice" better) - K - What will you do once our quest has concluded, Saradas? S - I think I shall return to my house in Sembia. My hometown is Yahann, a quiet coastal city. There I shall finally be able to rest after my long travels. K - It sounds like the perfect place to retire from adventuring. S - It truly is, and you are always welcome to visit me if you ever plan on traveling to Sembia, Lord Keldorn. K - I most certainly will. And, by the way, there is no need f
  3. Ajantis is missing a word in one of the LT's. It is after you return from the Underdark and have the dream where Elliseme tells you that you are either your own worst enemy or your own saviour. The mod says - You awake from your strange nightmare drenched in sweat, and realize that Ajantis, laying beside, (should be "laying beside you,") etc. Still going great, tho!
  4. I don't know if you care, Jastey, because Keldorn Romance is a mod, but it seems sort of odd that Keldorn just returned to my party after Maria dumped him and Ajantis and he banter as if he and Maria are reconciled. It's not a problem, technically, but just in case you wanted to know I decided to post it if you decide to add some sort of check for Keldorn's Romance. So far, otherwise, still good! I hope to get my pc and Ajantis married soon. I'm on the betrothed path and it is so sweet! <3
  5. I found a typo and an odd choice of wording, if you are interested and if you aren't already aware of them - LT beginning with "Charname, I've been thinking of Sir Keldorn's recent turmoil... he says, "gives these thoughts into my head" and it sounds odd. I think it should be, "puts these thoughts into my head." In the PID Menu - When you ask him to do something for you, the "Keep me warm tonight," option, he says "leek" when it should be "leak" for seeping water. I'll note anything else as I go. So far, on a couple of games I have going, things are going great! I forgot how mu
  6. Oh, goodness, yes. Winter would be great! Something warm to keep us...warm! Anyway, I'm just pleased as all get out that Aklon didn't end up in that unmentionable place forums have for the abandoned.
  7. Oh, I hope you're right, MissBehave! We've been waiting to love and/or leash Aklon forever, it seems. No doubt at all he's well worth the wait. Still work to go, but progress is wonderful to hear about!
  8. Yay to progress! I always make sure to check in from time to time to see what is going on with Gavin, Aklon, Aran, Ajantis, and anything else. I love RE and when I now jump to PPG from here (as I have not had internet for over a month) I can't wait to see if the Kelsey overhaul is finished or if there is anything new with Xan... I just still love BG2 (well, all the BG's) since day one and I now think I'll never stop loving it. I'm so happy that so many great and dedicated modders are still here to keep the game fresh and lively. You modders are all awesome and I can't thank you enou
  9. Thank goodness! Then adding mods should be pretty easy, even for me. But...any update wipes your install clean? Well, I guess I'll have to remember to be VERY careful when to allow for updates, then. It would stink to be far thru the game, get the update message, automatically do it, and then lose your favourite paladin!
  10. I'm so glad that Ajantis is nearly finished! Of course I need English...but I've waited all this time and I can wait a tad longer. Jastey, thank you so much for your continued work! You made me fall in love with a paladin and if you knew me you would know that that is no mean feat! I'm utterly terrified of BG2EE. I have serious doubts that I'll be able to figure out how to add mods to it. I have long since found that I can no longer enjoy BG1 or BG2 (and ToB) without them. Gah...my husband just told me he will not order BG2EE for me until I am sure I can install the compatible
  11. Wow...7 years??? I can't believe it, either. Still, I'll pounce on him as soon as he is finished. Hell, I'd take him even if he didn't say a word to anyone else. Well, of course that won't happen, but that's how willing I am.
  12. ((((HUGS)))) I'm so glad I'm not the only one! BigRob, I KNOW you will finish Aklon. You've been working and dedicated for far too long to have me worried. I was just expressing my feelings on unfinished romances. I know that I'll be able to "love or leash" Aklon to the very end!
  13. I have to say that I want to be sure a modder is going to complete ToB. This is just my own feeling; but I HATE when a story, especially a romance, is left unfinished. So many do SoA and never finish ToB and then I'm left feeling very let down and upset. As long as you are committed to finishing the romance, I'll play SoA first. But if you weren't really committed, say, then I don't know. I can't take any more romances with no endings. I'll admit I get depressed too easily, tho.
  14. Hah! I like the bells and goodies of romance... *sigh* MORE romance! More More More!
  15. Woo hoo! Great news, Jastey! I can't wait for TOB! The ring is on the floor with the dwarves you have to kill. The romance is wonderful! One of my fave parts is the fact that your PC can be angry with Ajantis at first and it doesn't automatically break the romance. Also, the flirts are terrific! I love that he is so sweet and shy sometimes. <3 I can't wait for the conclusion. Too bad the PC can't have the option to have a baby, tho! Well, that's true for all mod romances except for Kelsey, but I think a baby Ilvastaar on the way would be so sweet! Ahem...I know
  16. I do, too! But I've learned to be patient. He'll be worth the wait...and then we'll pounce on him like nobody's business! I still don't know if I'll love him or leash him...
  17. I know moving and getting organized is tough. I'm still waiting for Aklon, tho! I'm soooo glad you haven't abandoned him! He's too good to abandon and I'm glad you are still hanging in there for your RL and for Aklon. Thanks!
  18. Just in case you don't know, there is a type. When your party escapes the UD there's a point where What's-his-name is interrogating you and Haldamir says, "then the emney has already won" instead of "enemy." Unless again I don't have the latest version...I'll check. But I thought I'd put it here just in case and so I won't forget later.
  19. I asked him as soon as we met. Oh well, I know better now and for next installation will use v9. So it's all good.
  20. Me, too, and I did a fresh install! He tells me I broke it off but since he takes the relationship seriously and you can tell Anomen that you are married but were separated after Baldur's Gate I'm not too worried. Crud. I just did a new install and don't want to do it all over again as I installed Gavin first after the patches and fixpack and then mods afterwards. I wonder if it is really necessary or if I should just keep v7 and go on.
  21. I won't clutter up this thread any more after this, but I have to say that I, too, was an old fashioned D & D player when it first came out! In later years I had no group and even when I did I never did study the lore like you did! I left that up to my brother and friends. You modders know such much it boggles the mind!
  22. Ah, then I was wrong. I googled "definition of somantics" and it said, "did you mean "semantics?" so I thought that was it. It probably is, but with a different meaning than somantics. Sorry for the mistake!
  23. I just went and did it again and the other word you have is "somantics" and it should be "semantics." Oh, and I know I can release Mazzy...I just don't like her so I tend to leave her these days.
  24. I'm sorry, then. Yes, I installed v7, however I did install Edwin's flirts afterwards a version or so back and didn't uninstall and reinstall that, so that is likely my problem. Anyway, I will just go on a previous save and leave Mazzy in her cell. That should fix it. Sorry to bother. Oh, are you aware that in the discussion the PC initiates about the "familiar yet alien" part of the rituals there are two words spelled incorrectly in Gavin's response? I don't recall both, but one is "great" instead of "greet" iirc and the other is obvious as well. Just in case you didn't kn
  25. I just uninstalled old and reinstalled new (but I went on with a previous save with my NE PC and the Mazzy thing is driving me up a wall. I cntl-y'd her and now it stops, but when I click on him to talk he says only "Can I get that for you, Mazzy?" And she's freakin' dead and I can't even flirt! Mistake, taking her along! I dont' even like her! LOL
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