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  1. I'm still here, too! Hi, MissBehave! I still come back here to check on Aklon. He is one I've been waiting for forever, but he will be worth the wait. That said, I hope this will be the year. And I will still have to decide whether to Love Him or Leash Him!
  2. Jastey, is the patch considered the newest version? And is it okay for me to add it, since I already installed the older version?
  3. I had quite forgotten about the duplicate events that would occur for both romances, meaning the Bodhi abduction and also the Wraith Encounter in ToB. I don't like the idea of doing all the same areas and quests twice, but on the other hand, I suppose that simultaneous romances could turn out to be quite unplayable. >_< I will download the new version of Berelinde's assuming that I can find it. I never saw it as an official release. I forgot that Senka's version is warned to be very touchy. I personally cannot imagine Keldorn being THAT touchy because I can't see ANYONE being married to someone so controlling and perhaps unreasonably rigid in his thinking. How could Maria tread so carefully for years on end? Still, I am quite curious as to how Senka interprets him. Argh! The choices here! I don't know what EET means? Jastey, if I can't find the newest Berlinde's link I'll return and ask. Thank you both for your help and advice. I really appreciate it.
  4. I am, after a long absence, doing a new run-thru of BG2. I have a copy of Berelinde's Keldorn Romance, and I have a copy of Senka's Keldorn Romance. I cringe to ask this, but can I install both of them and will they both work, or will that idea totally FUBAR my game? I know the idea may be strange, but after all these years I don't know how much more I can play before I will no longer be able to stand the game, and I don't want that to happen. So I can't help but wonder if I can manage both Keldorns, at least up to a point where I can branch off and focus on one or the other. If I don't have to do certain areas twice all the way thru that would be a blessing!
  5. I have to ask, as I'm no longer really "in the know" if - 1. Berelinde (yes, I do know she's absent, but she had worked so hard for so long) or any of her collegues are going to finish or provide whatever there is of the Reynaud de Chatillion romance. 2. Is Aran Whitehand going to be released? Or can I somehow get a link to try out what there is of him? Yes, I'm selfish and impatient! 3. Has there ever been any more word on Valen Shadowbreath that Berelinde and others worked on so hard and so well some years back? I had playtested it and it went on past the Bodhi Abduction, so it was pretty far along. Anything going on there? If anyone knows the answers to any of these, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks for your time in reading my post.
  6. Thank you for replying, Jarno! I chickened out of installing Immy again - this time. Next time I'll give her another go with your suggestion. Theacefes, I've installed Sarah and hope to make her work out this time. I've always wanted to see her story. I've read so many time how much people adore her. Thank you for your jocular remark because it inspired me to try her again. Besides, I can keep saving and also, yes, use the Console.
  7. Lol! I LOVED Sarah, but I could never get to her real romance fast enough somehow. I worked hard and fast for the right rep but was always too late. And then no matter how private I was with her I could never give her lovin'. Anyway, you're right, tho! Hah! I think I'll give Sarah another go and even if I have to cheat my butt off to get a high enough rep (I'm pretty sure that was my problem with her at the time) I'll do it to get her. I was, sadly, never able to sucessfully romance her and see her story, tho the start was so promising and I was enjoying it very much.
  8. Hello! It's nice to meet you. I'm a periodic visitor and questioner here and this site is my absolute fave. I'm sure you'll do a terrific job. Good luck and I hope you have lots of fun, too.
  9. I hope Aran isn't dead! I'm beginning to panic just a bit. I just realised that Cmorgan has been absent for quite a while and nobody has added to this desirable fellow! I had hoped to get a link to the alpha or beta, but I think I'll just cross my fingers and hope he'll (cmorgan AND Aran) will return.
  10. Thanks, Jarno Mikkola! I had just given up and deleted that installation our of sheer frustration. I'm not sure I would understand your instructions, anyway. But I bookmarked the page just in case. Anyway, I'm creating a second install and I may try to add Immy Romance in again and just cut down on the sheer amount of other mods and see if that helps. If not, I'll be on your page like gals on newly single Keldorn. I'm also hoping for a quick miracle link to add in Aran Whitehand, but I'll not hold my breath. I'm sure he's already in very capable hands. I just wish he'd be available already. Hmf...as if Ajantis and Keldorn shouldn't be more than enough for me right now! <3
  11. I'm looking forward to this, too, and have been eagerly following progress. Need another amateur tester who can play it just for fun to see if anything crashes or anything? *hint hint* *blush* Sorry! I'm just anxious.
  12. *sigh* Well, if we were in the romance stage it would be sort of funny (emphasis on "sort of") but as friends... majorly annoying! I suppose nobody knows what can be done about this situation. Well, it was worth a shot. Thanks to all who read this, anyway.
  13. Uh, actually I AM having the error of the name! Even the boy who shows up to give Keldorn a message has "Romance is available to..." as his name. I just thought it was my monster of an installation (again!). I haven't yet had the others, yet I also haven't had a Cleric pc. And I'm SO GLAD you found the artist! I know the first time I tried I managed to miss him, too, but I think it was because I went upstairs instead of down.
  14. Since Jastey isn't here just yet, go to the basement of Delosar's. He is standing back and at the right of the bar. Use your Tab key to highlight him and you will see "Artist." Then go from there! If he isn't there, another option is if you have Gavin in your party. However, if you had you probably wouldn't be asking for the artist... Anyway, I hope you find him! Good luck! I hope you just accidentally missed him by accidentally going upstairs instead of the left staircase which goes down and to the barkeep area.
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