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Icy (Post-apocalyptic, Ice Age CRPG)


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I've been following the development of a promising look game tentatively called "Icy". It's a dialogue-heavy adventure RPG in a post-apocalyptic setting where the world is experiencing a new Ice Age. The gameplay will involve a lot of tough moral choices and a strong emphasis on the survival aspect; e.g., your party must hunt for food, scavenge for supplies, and deal with dangerous beasts and cannibals. There's some really nice artwork as well.


The game is nearly complete with an estimated release of June, but the developers are running an Indiegogo campaign to help with polishing: A $6 pledge gets you a digital copy of the game. Looks like they'll reach their modest goal soon.


You can also help by voting for the game on GOG wishlist.


Update: Game has been successfully Greenlit on Steam.

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Interesting little thing, the look of it reminds me a little of King of Dragon Pass, a kind of tribal management game and the premise of the ice age post-apocalypse is an interesting twist on the genre. Looks like it's funded now, which is nice to see, and being Greenlit on Steam and with a fir few votes on GoG we might see it fairly soon.

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