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Druid messenger fix


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From BD:


It resolves a rare bug with his dialog. If the level 14 druid player character in the group happens to not speak to him when he appears and leaves the area he is in, becomes Great Druid and returns to speak with him (he will still be at the same place,) the player will get the "No Valid Replies Or Links" dialog response from the messenger. As he only exists to advise the player to obtain the grove, he will now simply disappear if the grove has already been obtained as a stronghold.


druidad.baf added to compile folder, cre accomplished via patch:


// makes druidad DestroySelf() if player is great druid; druidad.baf is compiled in the folder
COPY_EXISTING ~druidad.cre~ ~override~
 WRITE_ASCII 0x248 ~druidad~ // override script
 WRITE_BYTE  0x24f 0
 WRITE_ASCII 0x250 ~initdlg~ // class script
 WRITE_BYTE  0x257 0

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