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[deprecated] Crossmod Banter Pack Beta 15 Test Package Available Here


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Current test packages for Beta 15 are available here:


crossmodbg2-vbeta15_07232015.exe (Windows)


lin-crossmodbg2-vbeta15_07232015.tar.gz (Linux|UNIX)


osx-crossmodbg2-vbeta15_07232015.tar.gz (OS X)



This test version is available for BG2, BGT, and BG2:EE games.


What we need to test:


* correct installation without errors on each platform, if possible.

* bg2:ee conversion of .tra files and correct implementation of HANDLE_CHARSET combined with AUTO_TRA.



Please make sure you have two or more of the mods included in the project before installing this :)


Current status: the windows version has been installed, uninstalled, messed with, and beaten up on one BG2 install that included almost all project-covered mods.



Please feel free to report successes and failures in this thread.

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