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Widescreen Mod Won't Install On Mac


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Here's what I do.

I alt+click on PST to bring up wineskin.

I click 'advanced' and then 'command line shell.'

I type 'cd "..\..\GOG Games\Planescape Torment"' and then hit 'Return'

I type 'setup-widescreen.exe' and then hit 'Return'

I get a long series of code that concludes with [WeiDU-Backup] Using scripting style "PST" and that's it. No install component prompt, no enter X co-ordinate, no nothing. What's going on?!?!



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What's going on?!?!

Do you have a file called setup-widescreen.debug in the game folder, if you do, open that up with any text editor you have, and copy paste the text to a post here.

What was the .exe archive called that you extracted to the game folder ?

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Actually, it looks like a stupid mistake on my part. Within Planescape Torment.app is *another* Planescape Torment.app (So the file structure goes Planescape Torment.app>Contents>Resources>Game>Planescape Torment.app). I was using that second app to bring up wineskin. Once I used the first one, everything installed correctly.

This is apparently a fairly recent change, since I recently got a new Mac and the file structure is different on my old mac; I'm wondering if it has something to do with GOG galaxy. Anyways, things seem cleared up now.

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