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Greetings to everyone. Didn't know exactly where to post this, so the Noobermeet seemed appropriate :beer:


Been a loooong time since I've played BG, and at one point (about 3 computers ago :oops: ) I had begun to d/l some of the fine mods/fixes/etc available here to spice up the game and bring it into the 21st century (I have the original disc-set :laugh: ).


Life sortof intervened, and I never got around to modding the game, and my downloads are now scattered across several HDD's.


So finally I'm ready to get serious and have questions, of course ;)


I would like to play the game complete as a trilogy, and on my new rig. Given that many changes/updates have occured since the last time I was accuumulating d/l's, where should I start? If there is already a discussion covering this, could you point me in the right direction as this will save me considerable time searching?


Thank you for your time :worship:

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Well if you wish a true trilogy with a lots of custom content, you could start from downloading the latest BiG World Setup program from this direct download or from here, when you go into the Branches and download the zip from the master. And use that after you have installed the BG2ToB and BG1+TotSC with any patches you need(BG2 v2.5.26498, BG1 v1.3.5512 or later) if the games are the vanilla versions.
The Setup program, or BWS will download, extract and install everything in one program... it's a rather complicated program, so going in that rabbit hole is rather far fetching, but also very rewarding.


Of course that's just one option.


Also it should be noted that as the Operation System you use is likely something else than the one 3 computers ago, you probably should know that you should install the games to your Windows profiles subfolder, so you can actually modify the files. Yeah, the games own patches won't work in the currently supported Windows-es(Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10). So my recomandation is that you just install the games to C:\Users\*windows profile name*\Documents\*Games*\BGII - SoA ... where the Games is a custom named folder, and the other is indeed your Windows user profiles name. The 'Documents' folder is usually also named as the translation of the word if you have a foreign language Windows setup, but if you look it in the folders directory, it is actually the "Documents".


Ouh, and welcome to G3.

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