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Odd kobold names


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Hello all!


I've just fired up the game after about 10 years and wanted a new experience, so I've been looking at different mods. I have the dark side based kobold upgrade installed, but on mouse-over all the new kobolds are named as random spell description gibberish. How can I fix this? I have the following installed:




Spell Revisions

Unfinished Business


G3 Tweakpack



It's certainly not game-breaking or anything, but it's annoying the heck out of me...

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Open the weidu.log -file with Notepad and copy paste the content to the post.


1) What did you use to make the TuTu install ? What language are the original games and were they completelly unmodified ? And what patches were they at ?

2) Did you start a new game after you had installed the last component of the last mod ?

3) What's your Operation System version and where did you install the games to ?

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