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Is there a smart way of aiming AoE spells via script?


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I've been avoiding AoE spells in scripts for as long as I can remember because I simply can't think of any smart way of using them. With NextTriggerObject() I could probably pull off using flat radius AoE spells (like fireball) more or less successfully, but is there a good way to use line spells or cone spells?


Battlefield perception just seems far too limited to consistently avoid colateral damage.

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You can use the same vicinity check as with Fireball, but you'd also have to correlate it with the distance to caster to have reasonable radius. It makes for a nice exercise, but honestly I think it's still too inaccurate, plus there're better spell choices on 5th level.

For ray-like projectiles, it's even worse.


Simply put, I did try to get cone targeting done, but found the gain nowhere comparable with the effort. Best you can do is to issue Cone of Cold only to enemies who wouldn't care about hitting their friends, or have none in the first place.

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