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BG2 SOA BAM frame palette question


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I was working with the frames and animations in the bam files which have alot of the character frames. These are mostly the BAMS in BG2 SOA which begin with letter C (ie like CHFW2CA.BAM). The palettes on these are not the colors actually appearing in the game (like neon colors), and expect there is some conversion routine or formula which normally can changes the color palette in various ways to reuse the same sprite but have different palette. Is this routine or formula documented anywhere on how to convert the frame colors to the actual game colors? The BAM file for those has only one palette, how do they programatically apply correct color scheme palettes to those?


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I want extract the frames into an texture atlas for animations in another game I am working on. I wanted to find a way to swap in a real palette and was wondering if there are statically defined alternative palettes somewhere. Or else if not then I would have to manually create a new one manually.

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