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Werewolf Shapeshift still cannot cast spells?


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I recently installed this mod, followed by SCS and aTweaks (not sure if they override this condition and that's my problem?) and wanted to try the 'new' Shapeshifter out. In the Content Notes it claimed I'd be able to cast spells while Shapeshifted but all my spells are greyed out/blacked out as per usual. I'm still getting all the other benefits of the mod.


"Most importantly, shapeshifters may now cast spells while shapechanged. Yuan-Ti, Githyanki, Sahuagin, etc. can all cast spells--why not wolfmen?" - http://www.gibberlings3.net/bg2tweaks/content.php

Wondering if this is a mod install problem, a bug, or it wasn't actually implemented or even if there's just a way I can get my spells back through EE Keeper?

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You are using the Shapeshifter (druid) kit ?

And their exclusive ability to turn in to greater or normal Werewolf.


If this is the case, then it's likely that the spell was edited by another mod...

It's actually quite easy to do what this mod does... relatively, if you just know what you are doing.

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Yes, playing Shapeshifter and while Shapeshifted I cannot cast spells.

Would it help to reinstall the component?

Also wondering if there's a way to free my spell casting in EE Keeper. I can see all the spells I've memorised they're just blacked out (as though Tenser's Transformation is casted).

EDIT: Nevermind, I cannot reinstall. Getting error message. I assume from having other mods installed.

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Would it help to reinstall the component?


Also wondering if there's a way to free my spell casting in EE Keeper.

You need to uninstall the component and then install it at the end of your install order to get the desired result, and then restart the game.

And nope the EEKeeper can't be used for this, you need a kinda recent version of Near Infinity or DLTCEP to edit the spell(presumably spcl643.spl), as the change you need to do is to edit the effect that applies the opcode 135, so that the spells parameter #2 is 1 instead of 0, and also add the werevolves stats with another effects, as do-ing it this way removes those from the opcode 135. But it's easy to do with opcodes 44, 15 and 10. Well easy if you know how to use the NI or DLTCEP. Recent versions of the moding tools cause you edit EE-game files, you can get NI from here. The DLTCEP has it's own forum at G3, and it might be easier to use.


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Alright, thanks for the responses! :)

Still going to give it a play through. I can always remove weapon, cast and re-equip weapon. Should be fine.

Don't really want to uninstall SCS... takes forever to install. Kind of sad that this aspect got disabled, would've been very cool casting spells as a werewolf. Maybe one day I'll do it if I ever have to reinstall everything...

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