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House Jae'llat


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How do you even


I mean, look at this. Just look at this.




They even get stuck themselves on that bridge, nevermind my party.


There are like at least 8 guards (each can hit my -18 AC PC inquisitor by rolling 2 (!), don't forget 50% MR and crazy saves), 4 clerics (each casts animate dead as soon as I enter), 4 mages (each summons 3 bears on top of that), then you have 3 high level named casters that will add some aerial servants, elementals and an efreeti to that mix.


And you're just out of space then.


And Anomen turning undead means he doesn't do anything else.


And then they hit you with remove magic and you're dead.


And you can't even return there later or cheese them with doorway, the wardstone you need to enter vanishes as soon as you're in, it's a one-way trip.


And yeah, by the time you finish casting Banishment, Yaga-Shura is through with Saradush.


I'll go and put something cold on that burn I guess.

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Okay, after a week of wallbanging I think I've managed to pull it off.


In case anyone struggles with this and stumbles upon this thread somehow, here are few key moments you need to consider:


- those drow can't see invisible and eventually run out of divinations;

- yes, you need to block that tiny bridge somehow to cut off reinforcements while you're dealing with the first platform;

- dimension door;

- all the stuff they summon despawns eventually;

- you need to pay attention if they try to charm your own summons and break the enchantment asap;

- it doesn't matter if anyone in your party dies as long as you all can leave the building later;

- ultimately you'll want to separate whatever drow left from your initial assault to deal with them in small groups;

- after you kill the heads of the House, you still have an avatar of Lolth (along with some more pesky adds) to deal with.


All in all, very fun fight, although borderline insane.

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