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  1. Inquisitor dispel nerf is justified enough at the beginning of the new BGT game: each and every enemy mage up to Davaeorn can and will get instagibbed in first round of combat if you play un-nerfed PC Inquisitor. I think x1.5 nerf tones it down just enough to be useful without it being overpowered. Using it in BG2/ToB is kinda redundant, since usually you either assign another caster for dispel duty, or just bruteforce through those protections in melee anyway. On a side note, I can't quite remember if there are any enemy inquisitors in game at all, pass pissing Keldorn off. Are there any? Glad to see that Sarevok fight is as ridiculous (in a good sense of the word) as ever, finished it in 32.4 roughly in a same way.
  2. AFAIR original Tactics version played with SCS just fine. That was back in v31 though.
  3. @Arthas Don't biff things until you are done with your mods. If you are playing BGT, install all the mods you need to, then start a new game at chateau Irenicus. If game runs very slowly, then yes, you need biffing. If not, you can probably do fine without it, although you might want to check it out inside larger areas as well. Use Generalized Biffing instead of the one built into BGT. You can install and uninstall some things after biffing as well (i.e., BGT-music).
  4. @Merlin To elaborate on this one: this indeed seems to be the case in dialogue, but when you actually come to Gaelan having 120k on your party, he lowers the price to 90k and you can proceed as usual. I think there is a typo in related scripts, but it's kinda stealthy and I can't point it out just by glance. For now if you want to fix this, you can use NearInfinity to edit Gaelan's dialogue (GAELAN.DLG, I think there are 5 entries in total, labeled as State 26, State 30, State 33, Response 59 and Response 83 if I'm not mistaken), then edit string table (press ctrl-s inside NearInfinity) at strref 34187. Just tested it, seems to be working. NB: DON'T try to edit your dialog.tlk using Notepad++ or like, the game reacts funny to this. edit: I saw from your profile that you're playing EE. There might be some discrepancies between EE and BGT references. In any case, you can probably check the entry number you need inside AR0311.BCS. Tagging @DavidW for good measure.
  5. It's just that I'm building this Ultimatest BG Adventure Ever for my best friend, and Alec is the first NPC any player will see when starting a new game. And if any harm comes to him by any accident, there goes the suspension of disbelief (and 15 GB of carefully stacked mods one won't bother to check out as well, I guess).
  6. FWIW, even if SHS seems deader than Nameless One, most of SHS' direct links still work.
  7. Hey. I think you might want to take a look at Alec's (dude from 'A Childhood Friend' component) stats, behavior and equipment in prologue area. There's a couple of problems from metagaming standpoint: 1) He's made out of copy of Firebead Elvenhair. Thus he has 49 HP, which makes very little sense from story perspective. 2) He won't turn hostile if you attack him. In fact, he won't do anything at all, leaving you to wail on him at your leisure. 3) He's worth 2700 exp, thus offering a free level-up for a more morally ambiguous character. 4) He drops a free robe to boot. 5) If you kill him as he walks away to his next destination (e.g., Temple of Oghma), there will be another Alec waiting there to be chopped for exp and another free robe. Proposed solutions: make him a custom multi-class mage 1/priest 1. Remove his robes; create any further Alecs only after previous one successfully despawns (presumably unharmed). Make him turn hostile if he's damaged by party member in any way. Otherwise enjoying this mod very much. The writing is superb.
  8. Out of curiosity: what are these invalid opcodes? Anything I should worry about?
  9. Managed to fix aforementioned error by changing line 32 inside spell_revisions.tra: Wizard Slayer to Wizard Slayer~ But then setup hiccups on srr.tra: Checking this further. Edit: same thing there, adding tilde to the end of line 94 does the trick. IRR can be installed after this.
  10. Uh, trying to install IRR (v1.2.5 on top of IRV4b10) right now, and here's what I have here. I'm using the latest version of SRR as well. FYI, line 33 inside spell_revisions.tra says this: @1723 = ~When this odd horn is blown no sound issues forth, making most people discard it as useless. However, if the proper command word is known, the horn is capable of silencing all within its area of effect, providing that they fail a saving throw versus breath weapons. This horn may be used three times a day. The most common use of the Horn of Silence is as a weapon against mages. Fighters often employ the horn, silencing enemy mages and drastically improving their own chances of success against the frail magic users. What am I doing wrong ):?
  11. And you're really not supposed to facetank all those AoEs. Scatter, use corners, use guards, use doorways if you must.
  12. IIRC you're supposed to use either TobEx (Awaken on Damage component) or EE version of the game to be able to wake up your dudes.
  13. @DavidW any confirmation on above-mentioned thing with Bhaalspawn powers or, perhaps, a way to circumvent it?
  14. I'm honestly not quite sure, it's been like 3 years since I saw that NPC last time, but I distinctly remember that on Insanity (with double damage turned on) one arrow was enough to kill a lvl 1 d4 character.
  15. There was also some inconsistency involved between him and all sorts of item revisions, as in they tend to replace dummy arrows of his buddy with something lethal.
  16. In Ascension subforum DavidW pointed out that for Ascension 2.0 you are probably better installing it a bit later in your order, by the way. I.e., for non-EE BGT installations nowadays it's something like: ToBEX -> fixpack -> BGT -> Almateria's Restoration Project -> UB1 -> UB2 -> QuestPack -> Ascension -> SCS -> aTweaks. In any case, aTweaks should be installed last in this list, SCS is second to the last. If anyone points out any mistakes in my order, I'll be grateful.
  17. While we're still at it, is it correct to assume that, unlike older versions, Ascension 2.0x should be installed AFTER BGT merge, and not before?
  18. For a baseline level of challenge you should get Ascension (by the way, DavidW has rewritten it from scratch to streamline and whatnot, check here), SCS, QuestPack and aTweaks. IIRC, Ascension should be installed first, then QuestPack, then SCS, then aTweaks.
  19. FWIW, if you're looking for a bit of a feedback, the only moderately difficult encounters I can think about back in v31 BGT run, were: - BG1 final battle (actually didn't manage to complete it without cheesing, i.e. as a fair party vs. party engagement); - some cramped house interiors inside Underdark: gazillion of drow priests that summon gazillions of bears (eh), spiders, skeletons and aerial servants, actually preventing your party from moving at all. The only time I had to use invisibility potions; - Improved Tactics-like Bodhi -- generally because of many friendly fire opportunities with useless allies who I want to keep alive, and, again, lack of space; - Gromnir's party. Like BG1 end-fight, except those guys actually want to kill you and steal your G3 account. Not sure how to complete that one without heavy abuse of stairwells. Charname was a dual-wielding longsword Inquisitor with dispel power reduced to 1.5. Difficulty was Insane with double damage turned on. Sadly, was forced to stop (and eventually abandon altogether due to RL stuff) because of some glitchery in a cutscene after Abazigal's death. Still, got pretty close to the end. Kobolds inside Nashkel mines are fun, liches with HLAs are self-explanatory. Beholder hives are grindy, if anything. Illithids are mildly annoying, but far from lethal due to the base game psionic protection abundance. All enemies altogether behaved realistically enough so it didn't feel unfair or anything like that. Looking forward to try v32 when the initial release dust settles down a bit. Thank you for an awesome mod that actually became a part of my life somewhat.
  20. You CAN hoard 100k even with Store Revisions (IIRC, it caps all +1 items to 250g per sell, +2 to 500 etc, right?). Did that back in v31. Come to think of it, you can even afford 50k Cowled Wizards ticket on top of that too. Be really really considerate when dealing with money and loot literally every rusty short sword that ever drops. Buying the shinies can wait before Underdark.
  21. FYI, if you wish to tank (i.e. kill in a 1vs1 melee) a final boss of BG1 semi-comfortably, you need to sustain around -9 AC/-1 THAC0 on a character without Mirror Images/Stoneskin, or more if you can. Otherwise, it's a ranged kiting (and he also sports around 50% MR).
  22. You can setup quite a few combos with this party. 1) Entangle + Minsc & sword. 2) Web + Minsc & sword. 3) Web + Prot. vs Normal Missiles to tank/kill archers. 4) Minor Globe of Invulnerability + Mirror Image + Prot. vs Normal Missiles to tank mages. Dispels must be dodged OR you can use those defenses AFTER being hit by dispel. You can get away with dualing Imoen to mage at level 7 if you play BGT and grind vigorously/have a good chunk of game to complete yet. And seriously, get all your characters a ranged weapon, even if they don't have any pips to spare. Those make all the difference before BG2 (and sometimes, even then). Normal sling costs like 2g at vendors.
  23. You are not supposed to be hit by anything in BG1 part of the game (exceptions I can think of are the Air Aspect inside Durlag's Tower and PnP Helmed Horrors from aTweaks, if you use them). Get your ranged weapons up and running and don't try to bum rush any wizards unless you have arrows of dispelling to spare. Jaheira isn't there to heal, she's your CC bot.
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