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Civilization 3 - Rise and Rule; Sid - difficulty setting.


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So right now I completed downloading of S.M. Civilization III: Rise and Rule.

So I start an "New Game" with random world, the Normal Speed, and Sid difficulty (I have always playing in the games on the hardest difficulty possible). But I am feel little bit disappointing :D . I am realy sux in this game, is there anybody knows how to get the Victory with some the strategy how to win this game on Sid difficulty without mass killing, 'Zero Hour', etc.. ?????????????????????????



P.S. I ma excited! SidM. was thinking almost as I am! (I mean about the communism and nationalism is a the different side of the same medal.. )


9cc3cd8.jpg - Yeah boy, you got it, you got it! :D

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Someone ought to make a Civ3 mod that limits the maximum number of cities each civ can build. Like 15 or so.


This game gets so friggin complicated near the endgame, it's just too much, imho. I prefer Civ2 / Alpha Centauri gameplay over Civ3 (the latter which I modded to disable sea-bases).

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