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Gemrb 0.8.4 + IWD HoW


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When creating a new character, there were some issues:

1. The dwarf gets characteristics (-1 wisdom and +1 intellect) and appearance ( no beard) like gnome.

2. Multiclass character warrior/cleric knows spells the cleric and druid.


I tested the game on a computer everything is fine.


How can I fix these problems?

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1. I'm not sure what you mean, but I did notice that the stat adjustment is not taken care of (max cha+dex -1, max con +1).

2. We specify the right tables, can you give more details about the char?


Are you trying to say you only have some of this problems on android or were you comparing to the released game?

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How about limiting schools of magic depending on the race? I looked in CharGen.py file is checked race when selecting class, and there is't when selecting magic school.


In BG2 checked through kitlist.2da, kittable.2da and files by type k_x_x.2da. How to implement it in IWD?


I tried to add the school of magic in classes.2da and check race in CharGen.py, but without any results(((

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This is something the original hardcoded. bg2 has kits, so we just add our own missing tables (k_m_*) and voila. bg1 and iwd don't have proper kits, but the same mechanic could be adapted (we already do that for bg1). Concretely:

- copy gemrb/unhardcoded/bg1/kit* to gemrb/unhardcoded/how/

- copy gemrb/unhardcoded/bg1/k_* to gemrb/unhardcoded/how/

- adapt CharGen.py with the table code from bg1/GUICG22.py

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