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Party has already visited NPC's Area - Workaround

Ishad Nha

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From the mod help file:

Please note: when you encounter a joinable NPC for the first time in a new game, that NPC is added to your saved game. Consequently, using this mod to change such NPCs after you've visited the area they're in will do nothing to that saved game, and uninstalling a component's modifications after a party member has already joined will have no effect on that save.

A workaround:
(1) Alter the save game to send the NPC to some place where you won't encounter them again. If you left Irenicus's dungeon a good place would be the starting area, AR0602.
(2) Create your own version of the NPC: via the Level 1 NPCs mod, ShadowKeeper, Near Infinity or whatever.
(3) Summon them via the Console.

In detail, how to do this:

Open Near Infinity, go to the Save directory and click on the "+" next to the save game you are using. Click on the Baldur.gam file.
Go into View mode, you will see in the lower right corner "Non-player characters". Click on the NPC you wish to banish, for Yoshimo, that would be *OSHI7. Then click on the View/Edit, this brings up the "Non-party character 10" dialog box. (The "10" may be some other number in your own installation.)

Now you should see this:
Selection state Not selected - 0 9c8c h

Selection state Not selected - 0 9c8c h
Party position Not in party - 65535 9c8e h
CRE structure offset 13bf4 h 9c90 h
CRE structure size 2252 9c94 h
Character *OSHI7 9c98 h
Orientation SE (14) 9ca0 h
Current area AR0406.ARE 9ca4 h
Location: X 1368 9cac h
Location: Y 1922 9cae h

Click on "AR0406.ARE", choose another area instead, in the drop-down list of areas. AR0602.ARE is a good choice. Then choose "Update value".
Close the "Non-party character 10" dialog box, this brings you back to the main Gam file screen.
Click on Edit tab and choose Save. Now reload the game to effect the removal of the original NPC.

For Nalia, the Console command would be:
For other NPCs, the "Non-player characters" box will list most of the correct file name. You need to replace the initial "*" with the correct first letter.

How to use the BG2 Console. This information below was copied from the BG2: ToB part of the guide to the CLUA Console, as found in the IESDP manual.

CLUA Console

Enabling / Accessing the CLUA Console
Cheat Keys

Activating the Console (BG2 / BG2:ToB)
Open the Baldur.ini file (located in the BG2 installaion directory).
Find the line [Program Options] and add the text Debug Mode=1 underneath.
Create a new game / load a save game.
Press ctrl and space together.
CLUA commands can be entered in the editing area that appears at the bottom of the screen.
Commands must be prefixed with CLUAConsole:

Cheat Keys
After using the CLUAConsole:EnableCheatKeys() command the following cheat keys are activated.
CTRL+1 Change armor level animation
CTRL+2 Fade screen to black
CTRL+3 Fade screen to normal
CTRL+4 Highlight background-interactive objects
CTRL+5 Displays animation information
CTRL+6 Change avatar animation previous
CTRL+7 Change avatar animation next
CTRL+8 Highlights the text boxes
CTRL+9 Highlight the sprites
CTRL+0 Unknown
CTRL+A Animation avatar (see CTRL+S)
CTRL+C Runs NALIAND epilogue
CTRL+D Display some numbers (framerate related?)
CTRL+E Alters visual range
CTRL+F Turn the character
CTRL+G Display list of areas loaded in cache
CTRL+H (TOB only) Sets a specific Surge for wild magic 1-100
CTRL+I Selects animation (see CTRL+L). Can force banters.
CTRL+J Teleport to cursor position
CTRL+K Creature under cursor kick out party
CTRL+L Plays animation (selected by CTRL+I)
CTRL+M (Followed by ENTER) Debug Dump (if [Game Options] Wild Surge Keys = 1)
CTRL+O (Followed by ENTER) Write Debug Dump to log file (if [Program Options] Logging On = 1)
CTRL+P Keep screen centred on selected character
CTRL+Q Creature under cursor joins party
CTRL+R Heals character under cursor
CTRL+S Select avatar animation
CTRL+T Advance game time 1 hour
CTRL+U Temporarily highlight Doors + Ground Objects
CTRL+X Extended position information
CTRL+Y Kills creature under cursor

Using the Console
Adds the gold specified by <int> to the party.
Adds the spell specified by <string> to the selected character.
Advances the in-game 'real time' counter.
Unknown - seems to start a new single (0) or multi (1) player game.
Creates the creature specified by <string>.
Creates the item specified by <string>.
The parameters control the amount/charges of the item.
Plays the VVC specified by specified by <string>.
Plays all graphic files in order.
Displays the text specified by <string>.
Enables (1) or disables (0) cheat keys, based on the value of <int>.
Explores the current area.
Displays the variable specified by <string1> (of type <string2>).
Enables logging of game messages?.
Filename to log message to?.
Move the selected characters to the area specified by <string>.
Plays the movie specified by <string>.
Plays the sound specified by <string>.
Sets the XP of the selected character to <int>.
Unknown - probably related to water alpha levels :)
Sets the variable specified by <string1> (of type <string2>) to the value of <int>.
Unknown - probably related to water alpha levels :)
Sets the current weather.
Crashes (starts the store specified by <string>).
Strings are displayed with their associated strref numbers.
Strings are not displayed with their associated strref numbers.
Lists all dialog file in the game, and checks for errors.

NB. While the console is enabled, the following cheat is also enabled.
At the stat distribution screen, pressing CTRL+8 will yield maximum stat value.


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