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Free Action or Aura Cleansing


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Hello, I'm trying to make a spell that can be used freely for a kit, I saw that it's possible to set the target to 7 to make casting instant and non related to normal spell limits, I want the spell to be targeted though so I need to either find a way to add an additionnal target to a spell with target set to 7 or find another way maybe based on alacrity.


I'm not very familiar with the tricks used, is it impossible or is there a way to do this? Thanks.

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Model it off NRD, but choose a spell from a .2da instead of 'all spells.' Make a .2da file modeled after the one in the Enchanted Weapon spell, but with only a single spell inside, which can target enemies.


It will be an extra click whenever you use the ability, but I think it's the only way to achieve what you want.

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Well, I don't really know what you're doing so I can't really say... ;)


You could give the warrior permanent IA if you apply the effect via a clab spell that applies an .eff targeting single-classes only. And then add a clab spell to every wizard and cleric kit that cancels the effect (using opcode 321, so this would be EE-only) to prevent someone dualling to Mage and getting permanent IA.


Alternatively, just apply a 1-second aura cleansing to the ability via opcode, and also apply a 1-second 'disable button' ability for each of the spellcasting buttons. Single class warriors wouldn't notice (they don't have those buttons) and multiclass spellcasters would be prevented from cheering spells with it. Yes, a 1-second delay means the action isn't truly "free," but 1 second is a lot better than 6 seconds. For any given player using the ability, it will be close enough.


OR, apply the 1-second aura cleansing in another spell via opcode 146, and add a spell to every spellcaster clab table that grants opcode 206 protection against that aura cleansing spell. Again preventing cheese.


If it was me, I would go with the 2nd of these three possibilities. Well, actually if it was me I would just suck it up and make the ability abide by the normal 'once per round' rule like everything else in the game. It's pretty unfair to give the player a unique thing that breaks the rules that the AI have to live by. (That's why the SotM is so cheesy.)

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