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IWD1 EE installation problem v1.4.0


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Hello dear RPG fans.

I actually have a problem with my Icewind Dale EE installation:

*Once installed and launched, it shows me v1.4.0. I want to install The IWD Fixpack, One Pixel Productions High-Quality Music, Icewind Dale Tweak Pack and The Widescreen Mod, but none of them will instal.
It tells me about 'game not found' or 'game version not supported', I'm using The EE from GoG, installer v2.0.2.3.

I've tried to instal both patch 1.4.1 and 1.4.2 but can't instal, gaving me an error (approx. the same ones as before).
I've checked in-game, I have both Heart of Winter and Trials installed.

Only playing with the 1.4.0 gives me less joy than fully explore IWD EE fixed and tweaked...

Thanks if you have an answer to give me.

(sorry if it is not the right place to post)

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Widescreen mod is not needed and the game effectively has it already, and the IWD Fixpack and Tweak packs are incompatible. Because they were made for the nonEE game.

The v1.42 patch is the Lore of the Trial Master patch FOR THE NON EE game. So you already kinda have all the things that the above would give. And what's not in them is the Tweaks, to get those, you need to use the BG2 Tweaks Packs to install or the Tweaks Anniversary mod. The reason for this is that (all) the EE games use the BG2 engine, not the Icewind Dale one, which s required by the Tweak and fixpacks and so forth.

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