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Party AI?


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Hey guys,


First of all I wanna thank DavidW for making this mod, it's awesome! So many awesome things happen because of it :D


Second, how does Party AI work? Simply put, I tried the hotkeys (for example, V for Death Ward) and I have the correct spells memorized... but nothing happens.


I have installed Item Revisions, Spell Revisions, SCS (with spell revisions fix) then the Tweak Anthology and pressing any of the hotkeys doesn't do anything, both when "Party AI" has been turned on, or off.


Is there something I'm missing here?


Thanks for your time!

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Oh boy... That's.... uh...


This never happened ok? Just... forget all about this message :D


(for real though, yes that was the reason, please don't delete -- someone else could search forums and find this and a solution to their potential problem!)


Thanks Fiann!

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