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Modifying existing .dlg files with WeiDU


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I am trying to learn how to do some basic editing of existin .dlg files using WeiDU and I have a few questions:


1) I use the Tree function of NI to look at the file and I am wondering what the best (easiest?) way to move around responses is. For example, let's say that at STATE 2 there are 3 responses x, y, z and at STATE 4 there are responses a and b. How do I, for instance, swap y with b? Is ALTER_TRANS a possible solution?


2) Sometimes I need to make changes to text and STRING_SET is not an option. How to proceed? If I get to modify the text of an existing journal entry, can the game correctly erase it after I modified it? If not, what should I do?


3) If I look at a .d file and there is a part that I want to change. Example: I want to change




REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~EXTERN ~HELSHA~ 4~ ~GOTO 4~ will not work because there are tildes everywhere. How to go about it?


Thanks for your help!

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Did you consider to use



Add the transitions you want


It may appear a bit clumsy and old fashioned but it will work - I am however not sure about compatibility with other mods (just in case someone by chance choses the same state) - but that problem will also exist with ALTER_TRANS, right?


2) Erase Journal entries is done on the basis of the string reference. If you change text and a new string is thus created, the old removal actions will no longer find it, i.e you would need to also modify all the removals to the new reference.

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