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  1. Textpack is here http://www.shsforums.net/files/file/979-big-world-textpack-english/ Nothing has been moved. BWS-EE does not use this textpack at all because it contains fixes for old mods that are not relevant for EE anymore. The tool uses an own dummy textpack just in case future issues may arise and it may be needed one day. Easier to have this than to re-code some functions to re-install it. The current official textpack - at least the english version - may cause damage to mods meanwhile updated for EE's. One advantage of the EE Tool is that it gets independent of resources maint
  2. There seems again to be some misunderstanding. BWS is the community tool you talk about, and nothing has changed there except for Alien's recent renovation and moving it to github in hope to find new maintainers for it this way. BWS-EE has been thoughtfully separated from it in order to allow more freedom and a possible development that cannot be done on the main branch. A number of functions and concepts have already been changed compared to BWS. You can translate EE either as "Enhanced Edition" or "Evolutionary Experimentation" (as in evolutionary prototyping, where you develop some
  3. If the wrong Imoen appears that might be a glitch from the savegame. I have seen it once or twice. It should not happen with Sandrah. I propose, if you play "legally", make a dedicated save before you go into the SoD transition. If y wrong Imoen should appear, it can be repaired from there.
  4. There is no special treatment for this. Everything follows the EET concept of continuous NPCs. This means whatever choice you made in BG1, including Sandrah mod option or not, will be sustained in SoA. The Candlekeep dialogue is just a choice for the initial setting, nothing more. The remainder follows all the game rules. If you made her a mage by that choice, she should remain that unless you dual-classed her at some time or did other changes. Note that the non-joinable SoD Imoen is an own creature and not following the continuity - again, that is inherited game behaviour neither touched by
  5. I understand that you simply use the functions under *options* in the selection tree menu, the ones called "save selection" and "reload selection"? The data is stored in a file *user.ini* which you find in the BWS-EE/App/Config/ folder. For your purpose I suggest not to use this, because it is overwritten each time you start a new session like you describe. It may be better to use another option from the same pull-down menu called *Export selection to file* which opens a file manager menu that allows you to name that version how you like it and store it for your further use. You can make
  6. It did. Thank you. But I don't see any (N)ew mark on the bgqe components. Instead, bgqe as a whole is marked green, and if I click on the overall box without letting the component tree show and don't pay attention, I don't even realize not all components are ticked. It's the same with the other green marked mods. If the component tree is not opened, components are left out but the player thinks he selected all of them because the mod is green. Maybe making the mod's name green if there are non-autoselected components is disadvantageous. Also, who defines which components are "s
  7. The fixpack issue has been fixed in BWS and BWS-EE, there was a short-term mix up because both use different fixpacks (EE just needs like 10 percent of them but also the EET patches for some mods). With respect to mod selection etc...there seem to be some misunderstanding - maybe the tutorial posts at the topic beginning are not clear enough? In this post I tried to clarify it further http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=29337&page=2&do=findComment&comment=260068. So, BWS-EE does not use ANY pre-selections and does not classify mods as recommended etc. It ma
  8. Your *changing flags" did include the flag 15 called PVRZ reference? It is the only other thing except width/height I can see. But I never saw a Bam v2 in an area file and never tried one myself.
  9. Is this to say that the backup and restore functions provided by the tool do not work for you? I have tested them excessively during the last weeks because I initially had planned to get rid of them. But as they worked perfectly for me, I decided to retain them. PS - To be clear, I tested them for BGEE and BG2EE individually, not for EET. After EET you need to restore both games one by one - did you do that?
  10. In the case of vanilla = unmodded this should exclude unused content from being vanilla. We know of the cases where dialogue lines etc were written and left in the game package but are not used in the game. Some restoration mods make some of this accessible, but I would still call such *added* contents as being modded. The originally intended use of those resources is not known, so it is a modder's interpretation of how to make this stuff appear in game. Just to mention the Pique/Imoen case or the whole NTotSC Northern Citadel quest that is based on unused dialogues and actors fou
  11. Thanks for the info. Just wanted to be sure if I put the file there it wouldn't get overwritten. There are mods that get overwritten in that directory whenever you restart the downloads but this one is not among them. Some mods hosted on github need to be re-loaded (e.g. EET mod itself) since the old BWS mechanisms have no way to verify the version or date of such mods. They are not pre-packed (zipped) but taken from a database on demand which was not known yet when the software once was written.
  12. CoM is Chosen of Mystra, another modding forum. If you put the manually downloaded mod into your designated download directory, the tool will check for its presence and not download it again. I have already updated the reference. I would suggest not to do a manual install of that mod because it requires a patch to be applied on top.
  13. What are the locations of your game directories and backups? Did you make sure those are not protected partitions or steamapps folders or the like? If it happens in both tools during installation this is to be expected, because all tools as well as manual installs use WEIDU, i.e. regardless of what method you use, if Weidu runs into an error, it will fail. For further information you would need to post the setup-XXXXX.debug file of the failed mod (XXXX being the mod name) as an attachment. For Dark Horizons try this link https://www.dropbox.com/s/28i6ycnp9jmhk8t/DarkHorizonsBGee213.zip?d
  14. That's how I used it so far, too. This is interesting, because (rough summary) now we have quite different views Non-EE = classic (aka original) Vanilla = not modded vs Non-EE = vanilla = classic As far as I can tell, everybody who made a statement so far knows the classic AND the EE games. How would someone who is new to the game and started in the EE-world right away perceive that? How are people to know what you are referring to with *vanilla* when they do not have the classic game as a reference? Will even the dinosaurs (no offense, I am one myself) know this st
  15. On these forum pages you often see the term "vanilla game" used. I have the feeling that rarely two people use the term with the same intention. Wikipedia does not make me any wiser here: Taking the example of BG1. Which one is the *vanilla* game - The original first CD release of the classic game still WITHOUT TotSC and any patch? - The classic game with TotSC included but without using mods? - Any version of BG1 that has not been modded? Even worse - many newer or younger players do not even know any of these games, and for them it may mean - BGEE without SoD and with
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