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Version 2.3 of the EE engine (and, probably, earlier versions) externalises some properties of item slots to itemtype.2da, but it's not entirely clear how it works. The last column in the 2da seems to set the slot that the item can be equipped in - and it looks as if the entries are from slots.ids - but I can't see how to mark an item to be suitable to go in a quick slot. If anyone knows, I'd be keen to hear.

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Slot #'s 15, 16, & 17. Unlike weapons(slot 35) and ammo(slot 11), you can only specify one of the quickslots, not "any" quickslot, and not all Item categories will accept the change to use the quickslot slots. So far I've found that if using slot #18-34 doesn't crash the game when you pick up the item, it won't accept the quickslot slots either.


Earlier versions did have the file, but lacked animation support for many of the item categories, so it wasn't of much use.

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