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  1. If you have lots of changes to make, do them all at once with manual checks/writes/inserts, so you only iterate over every file/effect once (or as few times as possible).
  2. Item-RES's for identification are listed in "ITEMSPEC.2DA", you can add others.
  3. @subtledoctor it's defined in the L_(lang).LUA files as: SCROLL_BUTTON = "SCROLL", You can per (lang): APPEND ~L_(lang).LUA~ ~uiStrings["SCROLL_BUTTON"] = "newtext"~ (lang) = en_US, es_ES, fr_FR, pl_PL, etc...
  4. Okay, that's the description I was looking at as well. Give these a try. Add the projectiles to PROJECTL.IDS and assign each to it's respective spell (SCINT1.PRO -> SCINT1.SPL, SCINT2.PRO -> SCINT2.SPL). Cast SCINT1.SPL at a location. It will explode twice: the first explosion will reach it's apex before imploding back into itself, after which the second (damaging) explosion will occur. (The animation used is just a recolored ELECTRH.BAM from IWDEE). SCINT.zip
  5. Can you elaborate on the projectile?
  6. op318 only checks it's splprot conditions once, when it is applied. It's not a passive on/off check throughout it's duration.
  7. Why are the 318 effects on an item, or what is the purpose of that item?
  8. 6 seconds is 90 ticks, 7 seconds is 105 ticks, the projectile trigger every 100 ticks. There is a complicated mix of (1 round = 6 seconds) and (1 round = 100 ticks) throughout the games, with enough of it hardcoded that it can't be modded to all work one way or the other. Trigger/Trap radius is the proximity check done by traps (Snare, Skull Trap) to trigger them, while they affect all creatures within the explosion radius. The purpose of a smaller proximity is to lure more creatures into the effect area before it triggers. For instantaneous, non-trap projectiles (Fireball), trap/trigger radius is ignored - the explosion automatically triggers. For non-trap, non-instantaneous projectiles (grease, web), both trap/trigger and explosion radius must be the same: those within the explosion radius but not within the trap/trigger radius will be affected every "tick", rather than the projectiles stated frequency. This mirrors the base game, which has the same inconsistency. There are engine quirks related to the range of the subspells fired in this manner - they use an exact range check, while normal spellcasting adds up to 2ft to casting range.
  9. The layer's you mention do not apply to multiple defenses of the same type for their normal function. If you have both Spell Deflection and Minor Spell Deflection active, both will lose levels to blocked spell, at least in the unmodded game, so there is some trade-off for stacking them. The same happens with Spell Turning and Minor Spell Turning. Adding extra layers to the higher level spells just makes you more susceptible to non-spell-removal spells than to spell-removal spells. In your example (Greater Deflection + Spell Shield), a single non-removal level 6 spell (or 2 level 3 spells) will remove all 3 layers of deflection, at which point you can ignore the spell shield. It might be viable, at least in the EE's, to have each spell cast the next lesser version(s) both when they begin, and if they self-terminate. This way, your Secret Word would remove 2 layers, and while the L6 generic spell would still remove all 3 deflection layers, it would also trigger the next lesser version of deflection (generating 2 more layers). Deflection, Reflection, Trap, and GoI can be used to protect each other from non-removal spells, as only one of each group will trigger for any given spell, in the order: Reflect > Trap > Deflect > GoI (provided the spell's level is valid for that defense).
  10. SCRIPTNAME is not the name of a script, it is the name of the creature when referenced directly within a script. I ran into this while trying to help Aquadrizzt - PSTEE hardcodes a variety of aspects to the creature's SCRIPTNAME, including a special abilities submenu unique to PSTEE. It can be overridden through UI menu to display any of the classic actionbars, such as the class-based ones from BG, as well as the various submenu action bars. All the buttons work, though clicking them closes the menu (a default behavior in PSTEE), so buttons that lead to submenu's aren't themselves viable (Select Spell button, Select Item Button, Special Ability button, Right-clicking a weapon or quick-spell slot), though the actionbars for those submenu's are still viable.
  11. op318/324/326 reference row entries in SPLPROT.2DA. This message: "one of the spells has failed" is not related to them (and using them likely won't stop it in this case), but to contingencies/sequencers, and means the target is out of range of the spell being cast.
  12. First row/column starts at '0', not '1'.
  13. op219 provides both an attack roll penalty and a saving throw bonus.
  14. The spell replaced the hardcoded breaking mechanic, I don't think the flag does anything anymore in the EE's.
  15. According to that tp2, you're not setting strings on any of the items.
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