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  1. ctrl+R doesn't remove effects with timing modes 2 or 9, at least in the EE.
  2. Op171 is not a temporary effect, it is always instantaneous - the spell is added, no effect remains to be removed. Ammo does not work well with op183. As far as this opcode (and similar script triggers) are concerned, the Ammo Slots are always "Equipped", even when they are not in use. The offhand has the same issue - even when disabled, it's detected by this opcode as equipped.
  3. Move the projectile to the subspell. item POTN26: projectile: NONE(1), or INAREA (94) to preserve new AoE marker in EE op177: Self, CLASS,MAGE_ALL, POTN26A op177: Self, CLASS,MAGE_ALL, POTN26B, duration=1 op177: Self, EA,ANYONE, POTN26C eff POTN26A: op146: Instant Cast, POTN26 eff POTN26B: op206: POTN26C eff POTN26C: op148: Instant Cast, POTN26, SourceType:Spell, SourceRES:POTN26C spell POTN26: projectile:FIREBALL(38) op12 (copied from item)
  4. It's functional, but like Poison, Disease, and Regeneration, p2=0 also requires p1=non-zero and IIRC a non-permanent, non-equipped timing mode. I do not know whether p2=1 has any function however, as it does not share the functionality for p2=1 of Poison/Disease/Regeneration.
  5. IIRC this was fixed in one of the recent EE versions. It's still present in older EE versions, and likely the original.
  6. Yes - you shouldn't use lower case resource references anyway, as some resource fields do not accept lower case letters.
  7. The UI needs a few strings to display while the sequencer is being selected. OUTER_SET tip = RESOLVE_STR_REF (@1234) APPEND ~BGEE.LUA~ ~mageBookStrings['%resref%'] = {tip = %tip%, title = '%resref%_SEQUENCER_TITLE', action = "%resref%_SEQUENCER_LABEL"}~ // or APPEND ~BGEE.LUA~ ~mageBookStrings['%resref%'] = {tip = %tip%, title = 'Custom Sequencer Spell', action = "Select spells to Sequence"}~ %resref% = your spells resref %tip% = string reference (integer) from dialog.tlk (description) title = string label from "L_en_US.lua" (or appropriate language) OR "Text" (title) action = string label from "L_en_US.lua" (or appropriate language) OR "Text" (sub-title) If you just want to copy these strings from an existing sequencer/contingency: APPEND ~BGEE.LUA~ mageBookStrings['%resref%'] = mageBookStrings['SPWI420']~
  8. kjeron

    Opcodes #146 and #148

    The spells you posted are correct, so it's likely some other field that's incorrect. Try setting the Special Field of opcode 232 to '1', attacking them should trigger a message "A contingency Spell has been triggered". (This will also terminate the effect, but it will determine if the problem is in Spell A or Spell B.) No message - Spell A has an issue, message - Spell B has an issue.
  9. kjeron

    Opcodes #146 and #148

    Is it displaying: "One of the spells has failed" - that means the target was out of range. Spells cast by Contingency and Sequencer use a strict range check, and fail if not in range, while normal attacking/casting gives you an extra 1-2 feet beyond the item/spells specified range. The "When Attacked" trigger for op232 has a tendency to trigger twice for no reason. "AttackedBy()" includes most hostile actions, not just physical/damaging attacks. Otherwise - what is it doing?
  10. All non-instant/permanent durations are converted to absolute duration. Timing modes 0 and 3 get converted from seconds to ticks (x15), then added to current game time (in ticks). Timing mode 10 is already in ticks, so it's just added to current game time (ticks). Using timing mode 0, 3 or 10, it depends on how much game time has already passed - the farther along you are the lower the value it can hold without terminating instantly. 2^32 - 1 is the max value it can hold, and that value is in ticks, 1/15 second. Game time is stored in seconds, and resets at (2^32 / 15) back to 0, because apparently time is cyclical. If you just want an effect to last indefinitely without using the permanent timing modes (because of necessity): Timing Mode 4096, duration = -1.
  11. kjeron

    ITMs and Weapon Style bonuses

    The Magical Weapon Slot ignores two-weapon style proficiency, regardless of weapon category. The fist slot ignores two-handed style, single-weapon style, and sword and shield style proficiency, regardless of weapon category. (Some of the bonuses do show up in the record/inventory screen, but are not used.) AFAIK category 28 didn't itself ignore weapon or style proficiency.
  12. kjeron

    IWDEE: New opcodes

    It would be far simpler to just trigger it on missile damage.
  13. kjeron

    IWDEE: New opcodes

    Yes, it can. One thing it cannot block is opcodes specified within an EFF file (when called through opcode 177) https://support.baldursgate.com/issues/40187.
  14. kjeron

    IWDEE: New opcodes

    Yes, the next time the specified row from 7eyes.2da is triggered, the effect will terminate, removing the spell it granted (if any), and decrementing 'parameter1' of any opcode 336 effects whose 'parameter2' matches the 'special' field of the opcode 335 effect. The spellstate in 7eyes.2da and opcode 335 don't have to match, but for most purposes you will want them to match.
  15. None of them are inherently permanent. When opcode 72 is applied, all prior opcode 72 effects remaining on the creature are made permanent. If you equip an item that changes class and race, whichever comes first will be made permanent. If you equip an item that changes class, then cast a spell that changes race, the class change will be made permanent. If you re-equip the item, the race change, if it's still active, will become permanent.