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  1. It's been that way since implementation: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/comment/981867/#Comment_981867
  2. They cannot put spells into either (as their mage book screen is blocked by the UI - any mod enabling such needs to include a fix), but the game does not crash. Which game version are you running?
  3. Any action you can fully execute while the game is paused can be done by a creature during time stop, whether or not they are immune. Every action in INSTANT.IDS should qualify. JumpToPoint() is not on that list, but can be added, though that may cause other scripts to misbehave. ReallyForceSpell()/Point() are on the list, and can teleport creatures with the teleport opcode as long as it uses projectile (1|none) and has no delay.
  4. You need "Face Target" set, BIT0 of offset 0x40. SPRDRABU.BAM will also require "Mirror X Axis". Set # of orientations (0x38) to 16. You will likely want "Modify for height", and for SPRDRABU.BAM, some extra height using a positive "Position: Z", unless the creature using it is using one of the hardcoded dragon animations. However, it's direction is based on where the creature is moving, not the direction it is facing. If used on a stationary creature, it will remain facing downward until the creature moves.
  5. That's not the Blindness spell, that's a part of the Black Pits custom AI Script for the party: IF OR(2) AreaCheck("OH9360") // The Black Pits: Hub !AreaCheckAllegiance(ENEMY) OR(10) StateCheck(Myself,STATE_CHARMED) StateCheck(Myself,STATE_BERSERK) StateCheck(Myself,STATE_PANIC) StateCheck(Myself,STATE_STUNNED) StateCheck(Myself,STATE_HELPLESS) StateCheck(Myself,STATE_SILENCED) StateCheck(Myself,STATE_CONFUSED) StateCheck(Myself,STATE_FEEBLEMINDED) StateCheck(Myself,STATE_DISEASED) StateCheck(Myself,STATE_BLIND) THEN RESPONSE #100 ApplySpellRES("BPDISPEL",Myself) // Dispel Magic END None of the effect removals (Dispel/Detect/Breach/Thrust/etc..) differentiate between buffs and debuffs. The Blindness spell is Illusion school, and it's on an enemy, so it gets removed.
  6. One of the problems is with these lines here: OUTER_TEXT_SPRINT stack "20" OUTER_TEXT_SPRINT lore "0" OUTER_TEXT_SPRINT weight "0" OUTER_TEXT_SPRINT enchantment "1" Weidu automatically attempts to evaluate integer variables, with or without %%, as such, this is valid: OUTER_SPRINT a ~1~ OUTER_SET b = ~a~ + 1 The "stack" listed among the match values is automatically evaluated to 20 before matching.
  7. Level drain will also drain memorized spell slots, so such a situation shouldn't occur. With that in mind it might be more accurate to have such under-leveled spells simply fail (do nothing - empty spell headers for those lower levels).
  8. Blind guess: IDPRO255.pro already exists in the override/biffs, but is NOT in PROJECTL.IDS (for whatever reason - botched uninstall maybe).
  9. The parent resource field of EFF files has a similar issue. It will not match (for immunity, sequencers, contingencies) if it contains any lowercase letters. The casing of the actual file does not matter though in this case.
  10. Nope. A creature also cannot target itself if it has an op100 matching its own IDS value. This even includes actions like drinking a potion.
  11. That opcode affects a specific stat, namely STATS[167|MELEE_DAMAGE_BONUS]. It's value is added to melee weapon/fist damage. Choosing the "Set %" mode will only alter the stat's value by that %. If the stat is currently zero (the default), a 1000x bonus isn't going to change that. It's "Set %" mode is also very broken: it's effect is applied in triplicate. A 200% bonus grants 800% (2*2*2), a 300% bonus grants 2700% (3*3*3). it does not stack with itself consistently. as an equipped effect, the Equipment comparison mechanic will sometimes apply it to party members without actually equipping it. I would suggest using op332 with param1=100, for each of the physical damage types. It will affect all sources of the damage, not just weapons, but it's the only way to boost base damage by a %.
  12. Keep in mind that projectile SPLPROT targeting fields only work for area-effect projectiles, as it controls which creatures are targeted with the "explosion projectile".
  13. No, casting a spell via script overrides the spells targeting mode. If you target a creature, the projectile will track that creature, exploding when it reaches them, rather than exploding at the targeted location. So if they target you, you would never be able to escape the AoE.
  14. Why not just check STATE_DEAD. Every death type except Stoned/Frozen sets it, and those two set it once the target explodes.
  15. The likely reason for ranged weapons is so that the "hit" doesn't trigger until the projectile impacts the target. With melee weapons, it's not an issue, as they ignore their projectile field. With ranged weapons, a projectile impact is not guaranteed, and can even be setup to never occur. I would guess that the extra step for op120 is to stop effects that aren't tied to the projectile (those using anything other than "Preset Target" and "Original Caster").
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