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  1. BGEE/SoD and BG2EE currently have the same number of default kits (reserve + 40), so this shouldn't be an issue unless you're installing kits exclusive to either BG1 or BG2.
  2. LOL....No, it's all in-game observation. Those effect trigger once per (x seconds). If they trigger exactly once per 1 second, with Haste it will trigger twice as often (once per 0.5s). When they trigger once per (x>1 seconds), with Haste the trigger interval is reduced to the percentages I listed (about to 30%), up to tripling their number of triggers over a given duration. Turn Undead, Stealth, Bard Song, Shaman Dance, Find Traps ... though it appears I was wrong about them, it only affects Stealth, or more importantly the Stealth Cooldown, not sure what happened
  3. A weapons first ability header is always treated as a weapon ability, regardless of it's ability location. It still affects it's presence on the action bar, and whether it can be activated as an item. A weapons additional abilities are locked into their location function. A spells ability location is not considered when selecting spells through op214(select spell) or op234/257 (contingency/sequencer creation), allowing spells that can be known/memorized but not cast unless through one of those opcodes. Also useful if you're creating a custom identify spell that can only be accessed thro
  4. The items (CMSTQ04.itm) first ability (melee/weapon) claims 1 effect with an effect index of 9, but the item only has 8 effects, which is 2 less since the index starts at 0.
  5. Looks like one of the items ability and/or effect indexes/offsets isn't correct. 658 = 0x292 = base (0x72) + 2 abilities (0x38 * 2) + 9 effects (9 * 0x30) It's likely trying to read the opcode (READ_SHORT) of a non-existent 10th effect.
  6. "Black" entangle, EE-only. Overlay effect in mh#wiz44 updated in archive. Just need to Add&Assign the projectile to test. Projectile tentacles are 2x size (to better fit the EBT spell, easy to reduce back to 1x if desired), wrapping tentacles size unchanged. There is some unavoidable quality loss in the tentacle animations, since a "black" projectile cannot utilize transparency (as black is the color converted to transparency). The entangle animation is especially a PITA because of this. EVBLTENT.zip
  7. It looks like the calculations (5-100 rand, * 5) are based off the other games 2e thieving scores range (0 - 255), rather than IWD2 3e skills range (0 - 33)
  8. IIRC: When selecting a kit during chargen, the character is assigned the KITIDS (final column) of KITLIST.2da, based on the ROW# in the K_X_X.2da files, then the KITLIST row for that kit is applied to the creature. entry # from K_X_X.2da KITIDS column of row# in KITLIST.2da (KITIDS - 0x4000) row# in KITLIST.2da: all other columns. Exceptions for specialists, wildmage, and barbarian, and their hardcoded slots (0x4040, 0x4080, 0x4100, etc...).
  9. 0x10 (Minimum level) does have a full two-byte range. Standard spellcasting only utilizes the first byte (0-255), but opcodes that specify casting level (146*2/326*EFF/333) have access to the entire range (0 - 65535).
  10. A location/point-targeted spell (ability target 4) cannot be cast on a creature through the UI* - even if you click on the sprite, it's still targeting their location, not the creature. * They can target a creature while in a contingency or sequencer, though the sequencer must also contain a creature-targeted spell.
  11. Sorry, had to do some more testing for sleeping/helpless. Both ACTSLEEP.IDS and INSTANT.IDS control which actions can be taken depending on whether the creature is sleeping, otherwise helpless, and/or dead. Sleeping creatures need the action to be listed in ACTSLEEP.IDS to attempt it. Non-Sleeping, but still helpless creatures (held, web, etc...) need the action to be listed in INSTANT.IDS to attempt the action, but do not need the action listed in ACTSLEEP.IDS at all. At least through ActionOverride(), dead creatures need the action to be listed in INSTANT.IDS to atte
  12. Too many negations: You have: NOT ( [<5000 Gold] OR NOT ([>4 Backstab] OR [NOT THIEF]) ) With 5000+ gold and ("not a thief" or >4 Backstab) : = NOT (FALSE OR NOT (FALSE OR TRUE) ) = NOT (FALSE OR NOT (TRUE) ) = NOT (FALSE OR FALSE) = NOT (FALSE) = TRUE (incorrect, as they were "not a thief") You want: NOT ([<5000 Gold] OR ([>4 Backstab] OR [NOT THIEF]) ) 146: <5000 Gold 151: >4 Backstab 152: NOT THIEF 153: (151 OR 152) - remove the negation on this one (use relation 0x103/259) 154: NOT (146 OR 153)
  13. option 0 alters the Mixed-case string option 1 alters the lower-case string, in the few (if any) places it's used.
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