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  1. Timer's don't change value once set. When you call SetGlobalTimer(), it's sets that variable to the current (gametime + given value, in ticks). The timer is 'expired' if gametime has passed that new value, or 'running' if it has not.
  2. No, it's BIT17. The first 2 bytes (BITS0-15) determine the type of heal value (Increment, Set, Set %).
  3. 0-Power effects CAN be dispelled, provided they are flagged dispellable, like any other effect. Opcode 17, BIT17 of Parameter2 will remove all effects with a limited timing mode (not equipped(2) or permanent(9)), but also any item in the Magical Weapon slot. Opcode 321 with an empty resource field will remove level-up Proficiency effects. I don't think Local Variable effects can effectively be removed, since the game reapplies them when you save.
  4. Yes, just like effect duration's, it converts gametime to ticks when storing the value, so a 15x multiplier.
  5. You can use "IncrementGlobal()" with positive value to extend a timer, or a negative value to shorten the timer, so long as the script that checks for the (expired) timer hasn't already fired (usually, really depends on how the script is setup and what safeguards it has). Death variables are just another global variable, can easily be set to 0 (unset) with SetGlobal().
  6. The only difference between SetGlobal and SetGlobalTimer is that "GameTime" is added to the value of the latter, but they both set variables in the specified scope.
  7. The "View" tab lists effects/abilities/etc... in Alphabetical order, the "Edit" tab lists them in their actual order.
  8. SET is also necessary for Array constructs, probably for the same reasons as EVALUATE_BUFFER SET $name(~key~) = 1
  9. If the contingency is setup as an Innate spell then it will use your innate caster level, which is total levels / total classes.
  10. projectiles 195 - 201 are hardcoded and cannot be overridden in PROJECT.IDS or VEFPROJ.IDS. They are listed in MISSILE.IDS for reference though - they generate the explosion animation (SHAREA.BAM) for the Sparkle Area projectiles, one for each spell school: default(gold)/necromancy, blue/alteration, gold/enchantment, green/abjuration, magenta/illusion, purple/conjuration, red/invocation, stone/divination (necromancy should be "ice", but for whatever reason it's palette (SHAREA7.BMP) is unused)
  11. I'm referring to selecting portraits in-game, not manually assigning them through weidu. New Game -> Gender -> Select (TESTL) -> Done If TESTM exists, it will be assigned to the small portrait If TESTm exists instead, it will still be assigned when selecting TESTL, but will also be listed in the selection menu, selecting it will assign TESTm to both slots. New game -> Gender - Select (TESTl) -> Done If TESTM exists, TESTl will be listed twice in the selection menu, selecting one will assign TESTl to large, TESTM to small. Selecting the other will assign TESTl to both slots. If TESTm exists instead, TESTl and TESTm will both be listed in the selection menu, selecting either will assign that portrait to both slots.
  12. This is what I still observe in latest patch: The -M and -L versions won't both be assigned properly (record/sidebar) unless the "M" and "L" are both capitalized. The portrait will show up twice (only one of which assigns properly) if only one of them is capitalized. If neither is capitalized, both will be listed, and the chosen one will be used for both slots.
  13. I don't have enough understanding of the issue regarding case-sensitivity, so apologies if these are not relevant: Portrait files still require uppercase in the EE's to be detected and assigned properly. You can break a mod if you change it's files to lowercase, and it uses weidu's SOURCE_RES/DEST_RES variables from it's own files assuming them to be in uppercase (the game requires uppercase resource strings in some fields).
  14. ctrl+R doesn't remove effects with timing modes 2 or 9, at least in the EE.
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