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  1. This is because Multiplayer doesn't pause the game as it should while you are selecting spells in the sequencer menu. The following casting activating any previously un-activated one is the current work-around. @subtledoctor If that work-around isn't viable, there is another possible fix: Locate the EFF file (%resref%X.EFF) that uses op257 (Create Sequencer). Create a spell with the same resource name (%resref%X.SPL). Add 2 global/casting effects: op256, Activate Sequencer (target=self, resource = ~%resref%X~) op172, Remove Spell (target=self, resource = ~%resr
  2. It can be as simple as applying 0-duration op72 just above op236, though you run the occasional risk it becoming permanent on the target as well (as op72 sometimes bugs out). Applying the op72 effect to the clone after it's created only changes it's EA value, it doesn't make it controllable, for that you would also need to use op5 or op241, using the "Neutral Charm/ Neutral Dire Charm" option, for at least 1 second. You can do this by applying in order: op272, once/sec, timing mode 9, then op236, then op321 to remove the op272 before it triggers on the target. op272 would trigge
  3. (Extended Header Target is '3|Dead actor') - It can target living and dead actors. It really just ignores any range requirement, including being in the same area. GENERAL=DEAD and STATE_DEAD are similar checks, either should do. Don't know why it uses two subspells.
  4. Cutscene Script (CUT59A.BCS) applies CLERIC_RESURRECTION to entire party (excluding CHARNAME/Player1, since it's expected that they cannot die), so same problem as below: The problem is that they shouldn't affect the living. Fixes for these should already be in v2.6, though I can't say for certain how it was implemented. Easiest way to fix is to move all of those op172 effects into another spell, which they will all share, and apply it through op326 checking if STATE_DEAD as the first effect in each spell. They still need to remove those abilities if the creature was actually dead,
  5. They do need it, and such an immunity will interfere with them.
  6. Possibly related to this: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/64178/instant-death-game-overs-for-no-reason/p1
  7. Yep. Regardless of your actual level, the game will cap it to a maximum of 50 in-game, just like ability scores are capped at 25. Once you have enough experience for level 51, you can push that level-up button over and over, because it will still think your level 50 afterwards. You still gain at least some of the level up benefits (HP, proficiency), but not sure about all of them. CLAB files are governed by your effective level, so entries 51+ won't be used. Caster level is also based on your effective level, so it won't exceed 50 without op191 (or wild magic bonus).
  8. StaticSequence switches which sequence the animation uses, first sequence is 0. AmbientActivate will activate (TRUE) or deactivate (FALSE) an area animation. StaticStop and StaticStart just freeze/unfreeze the animation. Make sure the animation has a unique name/label in the .ARE file. These actions do not reference animations by BAM file, but by the label/name given to it's animation header in the current area.
  9. Scripts can handle RES filenames with "+", Dialogs and the console cannot. Same with the ~, `, ', @, $, ^, and & characters, maybe some more. The in-game compiler is what's failing, not the action. ApplySpell and ApplySpellRES cast a spell at it's lowest level, and ignore it's projectile. Edit: The RES variants will default to a spell matching the first 7 characters in Dialogs/Console IF the 8th character isn't valid.
  10. AFAIK mode 1 has always worked that way, unable to specify a casting level, for both op146 and op148. Op148 has only 2 casting modes - that third one is exclusive to op146. The IESDP hasn't been abandoned.
  11. kjeron


    Oh yes, I'm well aware of what it allows to be done with the opcode, but for the purpose of reproducing the opcode, it's an important distinction. This specific aspect is actually similar to how the Sequencer Activation opcodes work (they target self, but cast their spells on the ability target). However, sequencers don't share any of those other features. Yes. op146*p2=0 isn't really "normal cast", as it cannot be interrupted by damage (it's more similar to ForceSpell() than SpellNoDec()), but can specify a level (or leave 0 to use caster level). op146*p2=1 cannot spec
  12. kjeron


    321: Leaving the resource field empty will remove any effect on the creature without a parent resource. Level-up Proficiency, HLA markers, Stealth, Turn Undead(Paladins Panic only), etc... Local Variable effects are however safe (if they are even stored on the creature during gameplay). 326 has a lot of quirks (whether or not they're intended is something else): Unlike op146, when targeting "Self" or "Original Caster", the resource is still cast on the ability target, not the caster. For the purpose of dispelling effects only, the target of op326 (not necessarily the caster) det
  13. BGEE/SoD and BG2EE currently have the same number of default kits (reserve + 40), so this shouldn't be an issue unless you're installing kits exclusive to either BG1 or BG2.
  14. LOL....No, it's all in-game observation. Those effect trigger once per (x seconds). If they trigger exactly once per 1 second, with Haste it will trigger twice as often (once per 0.5s). When they trigger once per (x>1 seconds), with Haste the trigger interval is reduced to the percentages I listed (about to 30%), up to tripling their number of triggers over a given duration. Turn Undead, Stealth, Bard Song, Shaman Dance, Find Traps ... though it appears I was wrong about them, it only affects Stealth, or more importantly the Stealth Cooldown, not sure what happened
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