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Is Baldur's Gate EET worth playing ?


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Hi guys,


It has been a while that i wanted to try EET , but i can't find any review on it , hoping someone played 100% of EET

I just would love to know if it is good and what are the things that it's still missing .


I do hope to start this game soon ,it will be my first time : ) ( 19 years old here)





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Thank you guys : ) i will start EET instalation today , I hope i will pick the right mods to get a bug free game ,planning to install most of the Big Mods ,Quest Mods and NPC Related Mods

It would be a good idea to use BWS to get latest mod versions, not yet published fixes and correct install order and to avoid compatibilitiy issues between mods. (BWS is even a good idea for any other larger installation, except you are expert yourself.)

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