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NiGHTMARE's additional portraits

Guest Bex

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Quite simply, I think these versions of Aerie, Jaheira, and Imoen (especially with her classic pink hair) are great, and they should be available for download.


The Beautification mod is all well and good, but I prefer these takes on the hairstyles and clothing. They're really quite lovely.

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Hi Bex,


Turning the current portrait gallery into a real portrait gallery where you can actually, y'know, download and use portraits for BG/Bg2 has been on my list for a while. Apologies that I haven't gotten around to it quite yet.

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It's not really a big deal, since about a minute after I posted this thread, I realized that by clicking on the individual thumbnails, I could access an image large enough to edit for my own use. As my old 6th-grade teacher used to say, engage brain before opening mouth. Apparently, I'm a little slow sometimes.

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