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The Spoiler Topic (placement of Exotic Items)


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This thread will be for any details beyond the readme that players may want. I was asked over at the BD forums what, exactly, Exotic Items adds to the game.

It's a fairly conservative list of additions:



  • A scroll of Contagion is added to Daveorn's loot. Daveorn himself gets a new ioun stone.
  • High Hedge sells a new ioun stone and four level 1-2 scrolls (Familiar, Reflected Image, PW Sleep, Spook)
  • Sorcerous Sundries now sells four level 3-4 scrolls (Hold Undead, Protection from Cold, Minute Meteors, Spider Spawn)
  • A regular ninja-to is added to Sil's cave.
  • Black Lily now sells a +1 ninja-to
  • Meilum, the self-proclaimed greatest swordsman at the Firewine ruins, gets a regular katana.
  • Krumm, one of the idiots hassling he nymph and her tree, gets a cursed +2 katana
  • Haseo, in the party right before the finale, has a +1 katana.
  • Hakt gets a regular wakizashi
  • Desreta at the Low Lantern has a +1 wakizashi
  • Every store that sells regular short swords now sells regular scimitars
  • Maneira and Sendai get +1 scimitars
  • Thunderhammer Smithy sells a Case of Plenty
  • Nashkel store sells a Bag of Plenty
  • One of the Nashkel carnival stores sells a Quiver of Plenty




Feel free to ask for further spoilers. :)

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