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[done] Questions to spell creation


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EDIT: I think sppr116.spl answers all my crucial questions.




I need help with creating a spell.


1. I want to increase duration per caster level of a spell that gives a -4 penalty to THAC0. If I do the scaling of time per caster level as it is done in other spells, the -4 THAC0 penalty is adding up to gigantic numbers. How do I scale the duration time without the penalties adding up?


2. The spell has a starting animation which should show always. The other effects and the visual effect while afflicted should only show if the creature fails the saving throw.


3. The spell is supposed to effect only smaller creatures and no creatures of the darkness. How would I do that?



In case it is easier to just make the spell instead of explaining to me, I'll happily attach the vvc files and give more info to what else the spell is supposed to do.


Thank you in advance.

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