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Excellent Portraits?

Guest Bhaal

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So, I was just looking on Google for some, Baldurs Gate screenshots. (Don't ask why)


And I came upon..





I though to myself, wow! These portraits are great! If someone could get permission from the artist to color them, I'm sure at least the Imoen portrait would be immensly popular!


Heh. Just wanted to share em' with somebody.

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The site owner is Dorotea and iirc, the portraits were drawn for her byu a fan of her old story, who later dissappeared into the blue. You need to check with her if she now holds the rights on editing the portraits.

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Hey guys. I was just wondering how someone could post their own custom portraits on this site. I've made several edits & I think I've done a great job but I need somewhere to put them and I was hoping to post them here. The g3 portrait section doesn't seem to update at all and thats too bad because there are a lot a great edits out there. Could someone tell me if they know of a site besides forgotten wars(no offence) that posts fan art. Thanks everyone.

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