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List of components with sole quests / encounters

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BG1 Romantic Encounters has quite a few components that do not deal with intimacies for the PC at all. Others can be played without them and leave a very nice encounter or even a quest.

This post gives a list of these componens, because a lot of work and love went into them and they are worth being noted as serious quest encounters!


1. Components with absolutely no offer for intimacies:


6. Duke Eltan's Spare Minute (prerequisition for bonus component "Scar - The Return")

14. No Regrets

17. Late Night with Jaheira

18. Sil's Blessing

22. The Mourning of Centeol, the Spider Lady

25. The Great Zudini

26. The Messenger

28. The Novelists

29. The Honest Lies of Two Riversides

30. Necromancer's Trouble

31. Dinner with Thalantyr

32. Girdle of Gender Reactions

41. The Messenger 2: Rain or Snow or Gloom of Night

42. Camryn and Tamah

43. Minor Disclosures

44. Cloakwood Lovers

Bonus Quest: Scar - The Return


2. Components that can be played without them and offer extended dialogues, encounters or even a quest:


2. Scar's Spare Time (prerequisition for bonus component "Scar - The Return")

9. Bartus' Seduction

19. Melicamp: The Poultry Boy

27. Ender Sai

34. All That Left Was

35. A Childhood Friend

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