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Cannot choose to buy/sell more than 1 item of a stack

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I didnt have this problem in BG 1:EE. When I only had BG 1:EE, I could double click stuff like arrows/pots to buy or sell more than 1 item at a time. No issues whatsoever.


After installing SOD however, I realised that I could not double click to bring up the menu to buy/sell more than 1 item at a time. Rapid left clicking or shift+click does not work...I just cannot get the popup quantity menu to open at all.


Now that I have EET installed in a BG 2:EE installation, I just started a new game and still cannot buy/sell more than 1 item at a time at WInthrop's shop or anywhere else.


Does anyone have any clue how to fix this?


Edit : Just tested something on a hunch. I normally use a speedhack to run the game as it is very slow and sluggish at base speed...I dont know why, but at the base speed, even stuff like the watcher's idle animations in candlekeep looks REALLY slow.


So I had a speedhack making the game run at 3x speed which makes everything nice and fluid...I tried turning the speedhack off and I can split stacks just fine, so for some reason the popup menu asking me to choose quantity isnt detecting the double clicks properly with the speedhack on.


Does anyone know why the game runs really slowly at base speed?


Edit 2 : Nevermind, I changed the max fps in baldur.lua from 30 to 60 and everything works fine now. Just that the mouse scroll speed is still too slow even at max speed, but the game is running at the proper speed now.

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