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Kivan and Deheriana Companions for BG2 Updated to v16

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G3 kicks off its anniversary celebration with an update for Kivan & Deheriana. Kivan and Deheriana is a WeiDU mod that adds a joinable NPC from BG, Kivan, and under certain circumstances, his elven wife Deheriana to the cast of BG2 actors. Version 16 includes a number of bugfixes as well as EET compatibility.

Changelog (jastey)

  • Integrated all fixes from BWPFixpack: corrected AreaCheck in p#kivsoa.d, two instances of misspelled corrected, added EraseJournalEntry in P#KIRIBF.BAF, EET compatibility.
  • EET compatibility added. As in the original design, neither Kivan nor Deheriana will be summonable in ToB via the fate spirit in EET, either.
  • deleted folder "lib" as it is no longer needed
  • Journal entries used by more than one file moved into journal.tra (p#kiribf.tra merged into journal.tra), wrong journal string entries corrected for p#kiv01.baf
  • Kivan should no longer accuse PC of attack and leave at first meeting in Waukeen's Promenade (p#kivan.cre has now full HP)
  • changed DropInventory() to GivePartyAllEquipment when leaving in Suldanesselar
  • corrected syntax of PlayDead() where used
  • typo corrections
  • deleted unused p#dehj.d
  • Updated to WeiDU v246.
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