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Writer looking for help!

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Hello Gibberling3,


Congratulations on your recent milestone!


I have had an idea for a BG1 mod for many years, but have been put off by my own humble

limitations with implementing it, put simply I am a writer, my knowledge of programming is pretty


I had read up on the guides etc on how to use WEIDU but had been put off learning an aging system.

I am therefore wondering, how much of the work going into a mod is the writing and how much is the compiling?


If of interest, I would be happy to write my idea in full, in a format friendly for the partner, for it to then be written up. I don't mean to insult the work that it takes to write up, if it is a massive undertaking then I mean no offence.

My idea:


- Montoron friendship / romance

- Interjections from his buddy Xzar

- Exposition around the role of the Zhentarim in Baldur's Gate.


I plan for predominantly lovetalk based exposition, with some region specific talks, similar to but not as unwieldly as the Jaheira romance!

Some minor tweaking adding to existing quests.


- Plentiful cross npc dialogue (personal love of BG playthroughs)

- Fully edited for grammar and spelling mistakes!
If anyone is interested, please do shout out.


Best wishes,


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I am not offering to code for you, but I would like to stress that finding someone willing to do so might increase exponentially with the degree of your dialogue writing being already in WeiDU-equivalent structure and style.


So, instead of thinking of your own way of drafting "NPC line -> PC reply 1 leading to NPC line 2, PC reply 2 leading to NPC line 3" etcpp, please have a look at simple weidu dialogue examples and try to use it.

It's not only a time saver for coding up the dialogues, it's also rather well-arranged for reading through the different dialogue paths.


Other than that, experience shows that finding a coder is rather hard as everyone who can code is already working on their own stuff. But you never know.

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