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weird bug


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been trying to figure this out for hours.. I have the GOG version of BG1 Original Saga and when I install the Widescreen Mod everything works BUT when I initiate dialogue with NPCs it pans the camera so that the NPC is in the top left corner which is super annoying. I figure it keeps the old parameters of what is the center of the screen as if the resolution is still the old one.


It also sets this always in the baldur.ini


Screen Position X=609
Screen Position Y=288
I tried changing it in the ini but it has no effect.
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Yeah, there unfortunately isn't much that can be done about this. The only fix is to use BG2 & BGT-weidu. As that uses the more advanced engine.

The .ini is written during the install and used immediately... so altering it after has no effect. As it's not externalized variable, but just a .debug out print.

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